A. D. Police Files (1990)

MegaTokyo, 2027. Relentless technological development has resulted in the creation of Boomers, artificially intelligent androids with the potential to free mankind from physical labor; but anything that can be used can also be misused.


The show consists of 1 season and 3 episodes.



Tamio Ohki Tamio Ohki
Minabe (voice)
Ryusei Nakao Ryusei Nakao
Saeki (voice)
Mika Doi Mika Doi
Caroline (voice)
Sakiko Tamagawa Sakiko Tamagawa
Yoko (voice)
Atsushi Abe Atsushi Abe
Alus (voice)
Norio Wakamoto Norio Wakamoto
Billy (voice)
Yôko Asagami Yôko Asagami
Phantom (voice)
Mîna Tominaga Mîna Tominaga
Iris (voice)
Tesshou Genda Tesshou Genda
Dieork (voice)
Youko Matsuoka Youko Matsuoka
Gina (voice)
Toshio Furukawa Toshio Furukawa
Leon (voice)
Emi Shinohara Emi Shinohara
Vanessa (voice)
Kiyonobu Suzuki Kiyonobu Suzuki
Hyde (voice)
Kiyoshi Kawakubo
Chief (voice)
Hiroyuki KitazumeAnimation Director
Akihiko TakahashiCinematography
Tsutomu SugitaProducer
Satoshi KoizumiProducer
Kaoru MizutaniMusic
Toto GenticaMusic
Toshimichi SuzukiScreenplay
Tony TakezakiScreenplay
Noboru AikawaScreenplay
Takamasa IkegamiDirector
Akira NishimoriDirector

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  • Original title

    A. D. Police Files

  • Type

  • Episodes

    1 Season • 3 Episodes

  • Rating

    6.8/10 (397 voting)

  • Popularity : 100%

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  • Running time

    28 :

  • Status