After War Gundam X

When one space colony declared its independence from United Nations Earth, the devastating 7th Space War, an all-out war between Earth and space, resulted. The UNE responded to the Space Revolutionary Army with mobile suits, called Gundams. However, the SRA forces played their trump card and dropped hundreds of space colonies onto the Earth, plunging the planet into a seven-year-long nuclear winter. The UNE collapsed, but the SRA was unable to invade the Earth in the aftermath of the colony drop. Fifteen years have passed. The year is now After War 0015, and a New UNE has sprung up on Earth to restore order. In space, the colonial leaders have been rebuilding their own forces as well. By chance, fifteen-year-old Garrod Ran has discovered an old UNE mobile suit, the Gundam X, and now he uses it to help out the Vulture ship Freeden in its struggle to keep the powers that be from repeating the mistakes of the past.

TV series created in 1996 and concluded in 1997 by Hiroyuki Kawasaki.
The show consists of 1 season and 39 episodes.


Wataru Takagi Wataru Takagi
Garrod Ran
Takumi Yamazaki Takumi Yamazaki
Roybea Loy
Toshiyuki Morikawa Toshiyuki Morikawa
Shagia Frost
Kazuya Nakai Kazuya Nakai
Witz Sou
Chieko Honda Chieko Honda
Ennil El
Motoko Kumai Motoko Kumai
Kid Salsamille
Yumi Kakazu Yumi Kakazu
Sala Tyrrell
Yuko Mizutani Yuko Mizutani
Carris Nautilus
Shin Aomori
Fixx Bloodman
Nozomu Sasaki Nozomu Sasaki
Olba Frost
Miki Nagasawa Miki Nagasawa
Pala Sys
Mika Kanai Mika Kanai
Tiffa Adill
Kotono Mitsuishi Kotono Mitsuishi
Toniya Malme
Ken yuu Horiuchi Ken'yuu Horiuchi
Jamil Neate
Kazuhiko Kishino
Zaidel Rasso
Hiroshi Takemura
Lancerow Dawell
Hiroshi Naka Hiroshi Naka
Techs Farzenbarg
Hideyuki Umezu Hideyuki Umezu
Nicola Fafas
Hikaru Miyata
Hidetoshi Nakamura
Abel Bauer
Daiki Nakamura Daiki Nakamura
Shingo Mori
Atsushi Ⅱ Atsushi Ⅱ
Togusa Ein

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    1 Season • 39 Episodes

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