Season episodes list 16


S16E01 : October 2, 2004 (aired on 10/02/2005)

A close encounter during a whale-watching expedition; funny footage of animals caught stealing; a…

S16E02 : October 9, 2005 (aired on 10/09/2005)

Geese attack wedding groomsmen; a raccoon sneaks into a house through the dog's door; a toddler…

S16E03 : October 23, 2005 (aired on 10/23/2005)

A man is left with a bald spot when an attachment falls off his shaver; a woman's hair gets caught…

S16E04 : October 30, 2005 (aired on 10/30/2005)

Magicians and magic gone wrong; an employee frightens co-workers with a scary costume; Chicken…

S16E05 : November 13, 2005 (aired on 11/13/2005)

A child scratches a monkey's head; a seagull swoops down into someone's ice cream; a lion swipes at…

S16E06 : November 20, 2005 (aired on 11/20/2005)

A montage of football follies; a bride and groom's food fight; sneaky animals; a prom night stumble.

S16E07 : December 2, 2005 (aired on 12/02/2005)

Unusual reactions from children opening gifts; chaotic Christmas pageants; a poodle runs amok…

S16E08 : December 4, 2005 (aired on 12/04/2005)

Practical jokes; a woman waxes a sleeping man's chest; snake gift; comical canine clips.

S16E09 : December 11, 2005 (aired on 12/11/2005)

A $100,000 prize is awarded to the funniest video; a viewer who votes for a video online is…

S16E10 : January 8, 2006 (aired on 01/08/2006)

School mishaps; canine capers; a dog and crab face-off; poolside pranks; a little boy's flight…

S16E11 : January 22, 2006 (aired on 01/22/2006)

A body comes back to life, frightening a hospital orderly; a garbageman gets more than he bargained…

S16E12 : January 29, 2006 (aired on 01/29/2006)

Dogs that can smile; a squirrel runs amok in a family's home; babies react to their first tastes of…

S16E13 : February 19, 2006 (aired on 02/19/2006)

Dogs and cats that can talk; a father and son wear homemade bee suits as they try to dispose of a…

S16E14 : February 24, 2006 (1) (aired on 02/24/2006)

The show awards the second $100,000 video prize of the season.

S16E16 : February 26, 2006 (aired on 02/26/2006)

A woman faints at her surprise birthday party; graduation mishaps; comical canines.

S16E17 : March 3, 2006 (aired on 03/03/2006)

A dog has an adverse reaction to a mailman; golfers attempt to retrieve a lost ball from an…

S16E18 : March 17, 2006 (aired on 03/17/2006)

A teacher startles students with a scary e-mail; a pillow fight gets rough when a little boy loses…

S16E19 : March 26, 2006 (aired on 03/26/2006)

A dog hides under a sofa every time its owner mentions the word "bath"; a swamp alligator lunges at…

S16E20 : April 9, 2006 (aired on 04/09/2006)

Easter calamities include an egg hidden in a tree; what happens when insects attack; baseball…

S16E21 : April 16, 2006 (aired on 04/16/2006)

Embarrassing graduation-speech goofs; a dog is primed to attack when he hears an ice maker; a woman…

S16E22 : April 23, 2006 (aired on 04/23/2006)

Aggression toward office equipment; bad-hair day; a man walks into shrink-wrap.

S16E23 : May 7, 2006 (aired on 05/07/2006)

Finalists in contention for the $100,000 prize include a cat with a strange reaction to being…

S16E24 : May 14, 2006 (aired on 05/14/2006)

The three $100,000 prize winners compete for the grand prize.

S16E25 : May 19, 2006 (1) (aired on 05/19/2006)

A countdown of the 20 funniest home videos results in the winner taking home $250,000. Host: Tom…

S16E26 : May 19, 2006 (2) (aired on 05/19/2006)

A countdown of the 20 funniest home videos results in the winner taking home $250,000. Host: Tom…