Season episodes list 17


S17E01 : October 1, 2006 (aired on 10/01/2006)

A dog opens his own food can; a cat montage, set to music; a skydiver freaks out before his leap;…

S17E02 : October 8, 2006 (aired on 10/08/2006)

Wedding bloopers; a lightning bug gets stuck in a belly button; a dog catches a fish in a river.

S17E03 : October 15, 2006 (aired on 10/15/2006)

Tennis and pingpong mishaps; a pastor passes out during a wedding ceremony; a baby's funny reaction…

S17E04 : October 22, 2006 (aired on 10/22/2006)

A boy does a cannonball into a water tank; basketball trick shots; Tom's home movies; a driver…

S17E05 : AFHV: Halloweenies (aired on 10/29/2006)

Halloween videos; people in frightening costumes scare unsuspecting people.

S17E06 : November 5, 2006 (aired on 11/05/2006)

A homemade rocket shoots a man in the groin; an enlisted man reacts to learning his wife is…

S17E07 : November 12, 2006 (aired on 11/12/2006)

A collection of unusual video footage shot by nonprofessionals captures humorous moments in…

S17E08 : November 19, 2006 (aired on 11/19/2006)

Thanksgiving-themed clips include a turkey catching fire, a football player losing his pants and a…

S17E09 : All Animal Extravaganza 2 (aired on 11/26/2006)

Animal mishaps.

S17E10 : December 10, 2006 (aired on 12/10/2006)

A Santa performer falls down stairs and off the stage; Christmas lights fall off a house as they…

S17E11 : January 7, 2007 (aired on 01/07/2007)

A boy pushes a girl down a slide and into a pool; a boy sits on his birthday cake; a woman dances…

S17E12 : January 14, 2007 (aired on 01/14/2007)

A kneeboarder skids onto shore; a sea gull quickly eats four hot dogs; a squirrel does a handstand;…

S17E13 : January 21, 2007 (aired on 01/21/2007)

A bodybuilder does a flip off the stage; a man swings a rope into a rock; a boy falls off a…

S17E14 : January 28, 2007 (aired on 01/28/2007)

Six contestants vie for the $100,000 prize.

S17E15 : February 18, 2007 (aired on 02/18/2007)

A cheetah almost tumbles through a car's sunroof at an animal park; a dog attacks a pinata at a…

S17E16 : March 4, 2007 (aired on 03/04/2007)

Practical jokes; birthday mishaps; a little girl calls a cat fat.

S17E17 : March 11, 2007 (aired on 03/11/2007)

Co-workers scare a man with a fake bat; a worker gets his tie caught in a laminator.

S17E18 : March 25, 2007 (aired on 03/25/2007)

Wedding clips include two women fighting over who will catch the bouquet and a ring bearer who will…

S17E19 : April 1, 2007 (aired on 04/01/2007)

Practical jokes on animals; a family's Christmas dinner goes up in flames; children have a hard…

S17E20 : April 15, 2007 (aired on 04/15/2007)

A man puts a rubber bird in the freezer; a pistachio nut sticks to a man's lip; a dog makes a mess…

S17E21 : April 22, 2007 (aired on 04/22/2007)

People get surprise e-mail; fishing mishaps; a woman loses her wig on an amusement park ride; a…

S17E22 : April 29, 2007 (aired on 04/29/2007)

An electric mixer catches a teenager's hair; baseball mishaps; a groom answers his cell phone…

S17E23 : May 6, 2007 (aired on 05/06/2007)

The final $100,000 prize of the season; a monkey takes a shine to a car at an animal park; a dog…

S17E24 : May 13, 2007 (1) (aired on 05/13/2007)

The season's $100,000 prize winners compete for the grand prize, a vacation package.

S17E25 : May 18, 2007 (2) (aired on 05/18/2007)

The season's $100,000 prize winners compete for the grand prize, a vacation package.