Season episodes list 19


S19E01 : October 5, 2008 (aired on 10/05/2008)

Men get their hair waxed; a little boy gets unwanted assistance in jumping from a diving board; a…

S19E02 : October 12, 2008 (aired on 10/12/2008)

A boy tries to free his father, whose arm is stuck in a car's power window; medical students play…

S19E03 : October 19, 2008 (aired on 10/19/2008)

Parents discover their daughter has been hiding food; people react to the news that a loved one is…

S19E04 : October 26, 2008 (aired on 10/26/2008)

Mayhem ensues when a couple try to capture the squirrel that has invaded their house; birthday cake…

S19E05 : November 2, 2008 (aired on 11/02/2008)

A montage of crazy dancers; a boy who sleeps standing up; brothers sabotage their sister's…

S19E06 : November 9, 2008 (aired on 11/09/2008)

Baseball mishaps; practical jokes; a man is startled by firecrackers set off by his co-workers; a…

S19E07 : November 30, 2008 (aired on 11/30/2008)

Football mishaps; a woman wearing a face mask startles her child; a man accidentally sticks his…

S19E08 : December 9, 2008 (aired on 12/09/2008)

A boy gives an unusual performance during a school recital; Santa Claus trips down the stairs; a…

S19E09 : December 14, 2008 (aired on 12/14/2008)

A cat resists a bath; a toddler makes a break from his crib; a hula-hoop challenges a 3-year-old; a…

S19E10 : January 4, 2009 (aired on 01/04/2009)

A woman discovers her dog has trashed her kitchen; trampoline accidents; animal escapes.

S19E11 : January 11, 2009 (aired on 01/11/2009)

A dog that can smile on command; quadruplet infants show a preference for country music; a man has…

S19E12 : January 18, 2009 (aired on 01/18/2009)

Funny bulldogs; people scared by an e-mail prank; kids name their choices for president; a woman…

S19E13 : January 25, 2009 (aired on 01/25/2009)

A man scares his wife and kids with a fake spider; a dog is caught raiding the fridge; a puppy gets…

S19E14 : February 8, 2009 (aired on 02/08/2009)

Parents are stunned by their babies' first words; high-school students react to seeing a video on…

S19E15 : March 1, 2009 (aired on 03/01/2009)

A little girl thinks a radish is an apple; a dog with unusual bathroom habits; a man who talks to…

S19E16 : March 8, 2009 (aired on 03/08/2009)

Children try to pull their loose teeth; a man scares his girlfriend with a crab on the beach; a…

S19E17 : March 15, 2009 (aired on 03/15/2009)

Cats playing table tennis; wedding mishaps; babies make funny faces when trying solid foods for the…

S19E18 : March 22, 2009 (aired on 03/22/2009)

A fake lottery ticket prank convinces a young man that he has won $20,000.

S19E19 : March 29, 2009 (aired on 03/29/2009)

Children make funny comments while opening Christmas gifts; a grandfather is caught sleeping…

S19E20 : April 19, 2009 (aired on 04/19/2009)

A woman rescues a squirrel stuck in a tree; a teen gets the ride of his life at an amusement park;…

S19E21 : April 26, 2009 (aired on 04/26/2009)

Talking pets; a dog rings a bell to let his owner know when he needs to go out; a woman with too…

S19E22 : May 3, 2009 (aired on 05/03/2009)

A dog learns to break into the refrigerator; a dog balances a pizza on its head; a woman comes home…

S19E23 : May 10, 2009 (aired on 05/10/2009)

A boy gets a plastic building block stuck on his tooth; a prank involving a fake lottery ticket; a…

S19E24 : Contestants compete for the grand prize (1) (aired on 05/15/2009)

Three winners from this season compete for the grand prize.

S19E25 : Three compete for the grand prize (2) (aired on 05/15/2005)

Three winners from this season compete for the grand prize.