Season episodes list 24


S24E01 : October 13, 2013 (aired on 10/13/2013)

A big cat tries to get through a small cat door; dogs causing trouble; a latex glove is…

S24E02 : October 20, 2013 (aired on 10/20/2013)

Kids saying funny things; a llama at a drive-through zoo gives a family a surprise; a woman plays a…

S24E03 : October 27, 2013 (aired on 10/27/2013)

A ticklish man laughs uncontrollably during a pedicure; funny felines; Halloween videos include a…

S24E04 : November 3, 2013 (aired on 11/03/2013)

A man flies a remote-controlled airplane into his head; a golf ball dispenser goes haywire; a…

S24E05 : November 10, 2013 (aired on 11/10/2013)

People failing at magic tricks; a man discovers that his daughters have thrown their belongings out…

S24E06 : November 17, 2013 (aired on 11/17/2013)

A man scares a woman with a snake; treadmill mishaps; a soldier surprises his mom with his…

S24E07 : November 24, 2013 (aired on 11/24/2013)

A bullfrog latches onto a woman's fingers; a prank involving an air horn; a tiny dog determined to…

S24E08 : December 1, 2013 (aired on 12/01/2013)

Monkeys cause trouble; a parody starring pugs; gymnastic mishaps; dog videos.

S24E09 : December 8, 2013 (aired on 12/08/2013)

A boy accidentally shaves his hair; a woman finds that her dog has gotten into a can of paint; an…

S24E10 : December 15, 2013 (aired on 12/15/2013)

Christmas-themed videos; kids putting makeup on their dads; a dog gets tangled in window blinds.

S24E11 : January 5, 2014 (aired on 01/05/2014)

Ten prize-winning finalists compete for $100,000; videos include a girl telling her father a big…

S24E12 : January 12, 2014 (aired on 01/12/2014)

Videos featuring bulldogs, cats with unusual reactions to wearing sweaters, bicycle accidents and…

S24E13 : January 26, 2014 (aired on 01/26/2014)

A musical montage features rivalry between dogs and cats; trick basketball shots; a dog who cheats…

S24E14 : March 16, 2014 (aired on 03/16/2014)

Destroying snowmen in unusual ways; a squirrel steals a man's cell phone; a toddler navigates a…

S24E15 : March 23, 2014 (aired on 03/23/2014)

Kids saying funny things; blue paint is spilled and dragged all over a house; head, gut or groin;…

S24E16 : March 30, 2014 (aired on 03/30/2014)

A salute to hopping dogs; mishaps on the farm; kids and Christmas gifts; capturing a lizard; "Nice…

S24E17 : April 6, 2014 (aired on 04/06/2014)

A girl scares her grandmother with a fake iguana; a soldier surprises his cheerleader daughter…

S24E18 : April 13, 2014 (aired on 04/13/2014)

A woman scares her mother when she surprises her on Christmas; animals dressed in clothes; a teen…

S24E19 : April 27, 2014 (aired on 04/27/2014)

A musical tribute to basketball failures; a man takes hilarious falls during his first time ice…

S24E20 : May 4, 2014 (aired on 05/04/2014)

A boy is upset to learn he's getting a sister instead of a brother; animals scratching themselves;…

S24E21 : May 11, 2014 (aired on 05/11/2014)

Ten finalists vie for a $100,000 prize.

S24E22 : May 18, 2014 (aired on 05/18/2014)

One of the season's funniest videos -- including funny pranks, a dog with a slobbering problem and…