Season episodes list 15


S15E01 : Paranoid_Frandroid (aired on 02/12/2018)

Francine becomes a conspiracy theorist when she finds out Stan has been shielding her from unhappy…

S15E02 : The Census of the Lambs (aired on 02/19/2018)

Stan and Hayley compete in collecting data for the US Census; Klaus has Steve and his friends model…

S15E03 : Shell Game (aired on 02/26/2018)

Steve tries to stop Roger after he joins a mysterious order of birds' egg thieves; Francine buys a…

S15E04 : The Mural of the Story (aired on 03/05/2018)

Stan discovers that the Langley Falls historical mural has been ruined by graffiti and neglect and…

S15E05 : (You Gotta) Strike for Your Right (aired on 03/12/2018)

Hayley gets a job as a delivery driver and begins delivering lunch to Stan's office; when she sees…

S15E06 : (aired on 03/19/2018)

Stan begins to experience crippling separation anxiety, which affects his performance at work;…

S15E07 : Death by Dinner Party (aired on 03/26/2018)

Francine hosts a dinner party even though a serial killer who attacks dinner parties is terrorizing…

S15E08 : The Never-Ending Stories (aired on 04/09/2018)

Bullock asks Stan to fill in for him at his class at the CIA Academy and Stan finds that the cadets…

S15E09 : Railroaded (aired on 04/16/2018)

Stan is frustrated with traffic so he goes to the mayor and proposes that the town build a bullet…

S15E10 : My Purity Ball and Chain (aired on 04/23/2018)

Steve is acting out his sexual energy, so Francine asks Stan to give Steve the talk; Stan is…

S15E11 : OreTron Trail (aired on 04/30/2018)

Roger becomes worried about outliving the family; Klaus opens a convenience store in the attic.

S15E12 : Mean Francine (aired on 05/07/2018)

Francine falls in with a group of tough girls after becoming the new school guidance counselor.…