Season episodes list 1


S01E01 : The Great San Francisco Earthquake (aired on 10/04/1988)

From Enrico Caruso to the ordinary San Franciscan, this film presents vivid memories of those…

S01E02 : Radio Bikini (aired on 10/11/1988)

The story of atomic bomb research after World War II and how above-ground testing led to the…

S01E03 : Indians, Outlaws and Angie Debo (aired on 10/18/1988)

The US government attempts to claim lands that have value from Native American dwellers.

S01E04 : Not So Wild a Dream (aired on 10/25/1988)

Mid 20th century America through the eyes of famous journalist Eric Sevareid.

S01E05 : The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter (aired on 11/01/1988)

A treatment of women's contributions to the World War II defense industry including interviews with…

S01E06 : Do You Mean There Are Still Real Cowboys? (aired on 11/08/1988)

A visit to working ranches in western Wyoming to examine the lifestyle of modern-day cowboys and…

S01E07 : Kennedy vs. Wallace: A Crisis Up-Close (aired on 11/15/1988)

John Kennedy and George Wallace clash over questions of civil rights in early 1960s Alabama.

S01E08 : Geronimo and the Apache Resistance (aired on 11/22/1988)

Account of the famous Native American leader's battle against the US in the American southwest …

S01E09 : Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: Revisited (aired on 11/29/1988)

Life on Alabama tenant farms in the 1930s with comparisons to the living situation today.

S01E10 : That Rhythm, Those Blues (aired on 12/06/1988)

The growth of rhythm and blues music and its eventual acceptance by mainstream audiences in the…

S01E11 : The Radio Priest (aired on 12/13/1988)

A Catholic priest (Charles Coughlin) takes to the radio airwaves in the 1930s and broadcasts his…

S01E12 : Hearts and Hands (aired on 12/20/1988)

An examination of the women of 19th century America - as suffragists, abolitionists, authors - and…

S01E13 : Views of a Vanishing Frontier (aired on 12/27/1988)

A German prince and a Swiss painter interpret the United States in a new light during a visit to…

S01E14 : Eudora Welty: One Writer's Beginnings (aired on 01/03/1989)

The work of photographer and author Eudora Welty and her impressions of the south after the turn of…

S01E15 : The World That Moses Built (aired on 01/10/1989)

A biography of Robert Moses, single-minded visionary behind many of New York City's largest and…

S01E16 : Sins of Our Mothers (aired on 01/17/1989)

A tale of a woman in the 1800s who risked scorn by marrying a man much younger than herself, and a…