Season episodes list 2


S02E01 : The Great Air Race of 1924 (aired on 10/03/1989)

Early American aviators try to cross the planet with primitive planes of limited range and under…

S02E02 : Demon Rum (aired on 10/10/1989)

The story of how prohibition went from local preferences to national law, with specific reference…

S02E03 : A Family Gathering (aired on 10/17/1989)

An examination of a the story of a Japanese family in America from their arrival in the US to the…

S02E04 : Ida B. Wells: A Passion for Justice (aired on 10/20/1989)

The work of a notable civil rights crusader in the late 19th and early 20th century.

S02E05 : The Great War: 1918 (aired on 10/31/1989)

America enters the fighting in what is now called World War I.

S02E06 : Forever Baseball (aired on 11/07/1989)

A nostalgic treatment of the national pastime and its meaning in history.

S02E07 : Adam Clayton Powell (aired on 11/14/1989)

Documentary on the life of civil rights advocate Powell, including his career as a Harlem minister…

S02E08 : Mr. Sears' Catalogue (aired on 11/21/1989)

The story behind the mail order tome that brought merchandise (or dreams of it) within reach of…

S02E09 : Battle for Wilderness (aired on 12/05/1989)

A profile of an early environmental dispute over the construction of a dam in California after the…

S02E10 : Ballad of a Mountain Man (aired on 12/12/1989)

Story of a folklore historian who sought to preserve the traditional music of the Appalachians for…

S02E11 : Forbidden City, USA (aired on 12/19/1989)

The Americanization of Chinese people in the 1920s and 30s, including public roles that ran counter…

S02E12 : Wildcatter: A Story of Texas Oil (aired on 01/08/1990)

Oil exploration and the fortunes and failures of the independent opportunists who searched for it.

S02E13 : Roots of Resistance: A Story of the Underground Railroad (aired on 01/15/1990)

A chronicle of the organized efforts to help slaves find freedom in the north.

S02E14 : Yosemite: The Fate of Heaven (aired on 01/29/1990)

The story of Yosemite told through the diary of one of the first white Americans to visit the…

S02E15 : God Bless America and Poland, Too (aired on 02/12/1990)

Episode focusing on Polish immigration in the 1910s and the contributions of Poles to the United…