Season episodes list 4


S04E01 : LBJ (1) (aired on 09/30/1991)

LBJ's career started in 1938 when he was elected a congressman, one of the youngest ever. He was…

S04E02 : LBJ (2) (aired on 09/30/1991)

Lyndon Johnson's ascension to the Presidency and the controversial events of his tenure such as the…

S04E03 : The Massachusetts 54th Colored Infantry (aired on 10/07/1991)

A story of the formation and service of the first all-Black military unit in the United States…

S04E04 : Barnum's Big Top (aired on 10/14/1991)

P.T. Barnum launches a scheme to bring entertainment and marvels to the country - something that…

S04E05 : Scandalous Mayor (aired on 10/28/1991)

The story of the corrupt political dominance of Mayor James Curley and its effect on the city of…

S04E06 : Pearl Harbor: Surprise and Remembrance (aired on 11/11/1991)

Recounting the historic attack of 1941, including the planning and military outlook of both the…

S04E07 : G-Men: The Rise of J. Edgar Hoover (aired on 11/18/1991)

The rise of the FBI from a minor government bureaucracy to the premiere law enforcement agency in…

S04E08 : Duke Ellington: Reminiscing in Tempo (aired on 12/09/1991)

Biography of the famed jazz composer and pianist, including rare footage of his performances.

S04E09 : The Quiz Show Scandal (aired on 01/06/1992)

Behind-the-scenes examination of the quiz show craze of the 1950s and how the outcomes of these…

S04E10 : Love In The Cold War (aired on 01/13/1992)

Eugene and Peggy Dennis were Communist activists during the years following World War II. Their…

S04E11 : Wild by Law (aired on 02/10/1992)

The modern movement to preserve natural wilderness in the United States.

S04E12 : In the White Man's Image (aired on 02/17/1992)

Documentary on the late 19th/early 20th century educational effort to teach Native Americans to…