Season episodes list 12


S12E01 : New York (1): The Country and the City 1609-1825 (aired on 11/14/1999)

The series begins by identifying the key themes that shaped New York's history: commerce and…

S12E02 : New York (2): Order and Disorder 1825-1865 (aired on 11/15/1999)

Already established as America's premier port, New York City swelled into the nation's greatest…

S12E03 : New York (3): Sunshine and Shadow 1865-1898 (aired on 11/16/1999)

Now the spotlight shines on the growth, glamour and grief of New York during America's giddy…

S12E04 : New York (4): The Power and the People 1898-1918 (aired on 11/17/1999)

As New York spilled into the new century, the extraordinary interplay of capitalism, democracy and…

S12E05 : New York (5): Cosmopolis 1919-1931 (aired on 11/18/1999)

In this short but dazzling period, New York became the focal point of an extraordinary array of…

S12E06 : Eleanor Roosevelt (aired on 01/10/2000)

Biography of the wife of FDR, her early life, marriage, and rise to the position of one of the most…

S12E07 : Nixon's China Game (aired on 02/01/2000)

Nixon and Kissinger decide to engage China as leverage in the Cold War.

S12E08 : Jubilee Singers: Sacrifice and Glory (aired on 02/08/2000)

Traveling singers from an all-Black school tour the north and overseas in the decade after the…

S12E09 : The Duel (aired on 02/15/2000)

The background and aftermath of the 1804 conflict between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton.

S12E10 : John Brown's Holy War (aired on 02/28/2000)

Rise and fall of the volatile and sometimes violent abolitionist.

S12E11 : Houdini (aired on 03/07/2000)

The story of the famed magician and incomparable escape artist.

S12E12 : George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire (1) (aired on 04/24/2000)

The tumultuous career of the controversial politician from Alabama.

S12E13 : George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire (2) (aired on 04/25/2000)

The tumultuous career of the controversial politician from Alabama.

S12E14 : Joe DiMaggio: A Hero's Life (aired on 05/08/2000)

The life of the "Yankee Clipper," from his humble beginnings as the son of an Italian-American…

S12E15 : George Eastman: The Wizard of Photography (aired on 05/23/2000)

The story of the innovations that made photography affordable and easy enough for any American to…