Season episodes list 13


S13E01 : The Rockefellers (1) (aired on 10/17/2000)

Biography of the family through four generations and their changing ideas on the use of money and…

S13E02 : The Rockefellers (2) (aired on 10/24/2000)

Continuation of the biography of one of America's wealthiest and most influential families.

S13E03 : Secrets of a Master Builder (aired on 10/30/2000)

The contributions of James B. Eads in understanding and altering the great Mississippi River during…

S13E04 : Return with Honor (aired on 11/14/2000)

An account of American P.O.W.s in Vietnam and their return to life in the United States.

S13E05 : The Hurricane of '38 (aired on 01/12/2001)

Story of a massive storm that unexpectedly gained strength as it worked its way up the eastern…

S13E06 : Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the Whirlwind (aired on 01/19/2001)

The story of Marcus Garvey, his ideas for Black re-settlement in Liberia, and his controversial…

S13E07 : Abraham And Mary Lincoln: A House Divided (1): Ambition (aired on 02/19/2001)

The story of the Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln's childhoods and their courtship is told.

S13E08 : Abraham And Mary Lincoln: A House Divided (2): We Are Elected (aired on 02/19/2001)

Sheds light on the Lincoln marriage during Abraham's time in Congress and his run for president.

S13E09 : Abraham And Mary Lincoln: A House Divided (3): Shattered (aired on 02/20/2001)

The Lincolns arrive in Washington with Abraham's ability to lead in question.

S13E10 : Abraham And Mary Lincoln: A House Divided (4): The Dearest of All Things (aired on 02/20/2001)

Mary struggles with personal grief, as Abraham Lincoln becomes consumed with the nation's tragedy.

S13E11 : Abraham And Mary Lincoln: A House Divided (5): The Frightful War (aired on 02/21/2001)

While criticism of Abraham Lincoln increases during the Civil War, Mary Lincoln plunges into debt.

S13E12 : Abraham And Mary Lincoln: A House Divided (6): Blind with Weeping (aired on 02/21/2001)

Focuses on the battle of Gettysburg, the surrender at Appomattox and Lincoln's assassination.

S13E13 : Scottsboro: An American Tragedy (aired on 04/02/2001)

False allegations of rape taint the record of justice in Alabama during the early 1930s.

S13E14 : Fatal Flood (aired on 04/16/2001)

A story of the flooding of the Mississippi River in 1927 and how it exposed social and racial…

S13E15 : Stephen Foster (aired on 04/23/2001)

Chronicle of the short life of one of America's first nationally-recognized songwriters.

S13E16 : Streamliners: America's Lost Trains (aired on 04/30/2001)

Chronicle of the short epoch when sleek passenger trains dominated American transportation.