Season episodes list 21


S21E01 : The Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer (aired on 01/26/2009)

The career of America's most famous and controversial nuclear physicist and his fall from grace…

S21E02 : The Polio Crusade (aired on 02/02/2009)

The human story behind the massive American effort to eliminate the debilitating effects of the…

S21E03 : The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (aired on 02/09/2009)

The circumstances surrounding the last days of the 16th President of the United States.

S21E04 : A Class Apart (aired on 02/23/2009)

A 1951 murder by a Mexican-American laborer brings into question the legal status of Hispanics in…

S21E05 : We Shall Remain (1): After the Mayflower (aired on 04/13/2009)

A chronicle of the early relations and negotiations between the tribes of what became known as New…

S21E06 : We Shall Remain (2): Tecumseh's Vision (aired on 04/20/2009)

The story of a great Native American alliance to counter the 1800s US westward expansion from the…

S21E07 : We Shall Remain (3): Trail of Tears (aired on 04/27/2009)

Perspectives on the forced move of the Cherokee from the southeast to the newly established "Indian…

S21E08 : We Shall Remain (4): Geronimo (aired on 05/04/2009)

A portrait of the Chiracahua Apache who was one of the last Native Americans to continue armed…

S21E09 : We Shall Remain (5): Wounded Knee (aired on 05/11/2009)

Rebellious Lakota and allies take up arms in 1973 and force an examination of the failures of the…

S21E10 : Episode 10


S21E11 : Surviving the Dust Bowl (aired on 11/16/2009)

The story of the farmers who came to the Southern Plains of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas dreaming of…