Season 7

Set just after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the seventh installment follows a community torn apart by a dangerous cult leader who uses fear as a weapon.

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S07E01 : Election Night 6.6/10 (aired on 09/05/2017)

After Trump is elected President, Ally Mayfair-Richards is beset by all of her old phobias... and…

S07E02 : Don't Be Afraid of the Dark 7/10 (aired on 09/12/2017)

Ally, Ivy and Oz meet the new neighbors. Kai runs for city council. Detective Samuels investigates…

S07E03 : Neighbors from Hell 7.5/10 (aired on 09/19/2017)

The community turns on Ally after she shoots and kills a Hispanic man. At home tensions between…

S07E04 : 11/9 8.3/10 (aired on 09/26/2017)

Kai gathers familiar faces to join his cult as the events surrounding 11/8/16 are explored.

S07E05 : Holes 8.49/10 (aired on 10/03/2017)

Beverly's journalistic integrity is called into question; Kai plans to broadcast a gruesome murder…

S07E06 : Mid-Western Assassin 8.59/10 (aired on 10/10/2017)

Ally takes Meadow to Rudy in the hopes that she will confirm her story about the cult. Meanwhile,…

S07E07 : Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag 6.51/10 (aired on 10/17/2017)

Kai begins to solidify his grasp on power after winning the election, and a mysterious woman warns…

S07E08 : Winter of Our Discontent 8.09/10 (aired on 10/24/2017)

Ally confronts Kai. Meanwhile, Winter must choose between Kai and Beverly when he makes a…

S07E09 : Drink the Kool-Aid 8.48/10 (aired on 10/31/2017)

Kai seeks to test the loyalty of his cult. Ally seeks revenge. Oz learns about his parentage.

S07E10 : Charles (Manson) in Charge 8.09/10 (aired on 11/07/2017)

Kai receives visits from Charles Manson as he begins to question everyone around him.

S07E11 : Great Again 7.6/10 (aired on 11/14/2017)

The FBI arrest Kai, but he continues to amass power in prison. Meanwhile, Ally tries to move on…
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