A mysterious woman hires Archer to fake her death but Archer is unable to rise to the occasion.

Aired on 04/12/2017
21 :
7.79/10 • 360 voting

Archer (2009) • S08E02
H. Jon Benjamin H. Jon BenjaminSterling Archer (voice)
Aisha Tyler Aisha TylerLana Kane (voice)
Jessica Walter Jessica WalterMalory Archer (voice)
Chris Parnell Chris ParnellCyril Figgis (voice)
Judy Greer Judy GreerCheryl Tunt (voice)
Amber Nash Amber NashPam (voice)
Lucky Yates Lucky YatesDr Krieger (voice)
Adam Reed Adam ReedRay Gillette (voice)
Jeffrey Tambor Jeffrey TamborLen Trexler