Armored Trooper VOTOMS

The series followed a main character named Chirico Cuvie (Kiriko Kyuubi), a former special forces Armored Trooper pilot and former member of the Red Shoulder Battalion, an elite mecha force used by the Gilgamesh Confederation in its war against the Balarant Union—both interstellar nations within the distant Astragius Galaxy. Gilgamesh and Balarant had until recently been locked in a century-old galactic war whose cause was long ago forgotten. Now, the war is ending and an uneasy truce has settled. Chirico Cuvie is suddenly transferred to a unit engaged in a suspicious mission, unaware that he is aiding to steal secrets from what appears to be his own side. Chirico is betrayed and left behind to die, but he survives, is arrested by the Gilgamesh military as a traitor, and tortured for information on their homeworld. He escapes—triggering a pursuit extending across the entire series, with Chirico hunted by the army and criminals alike as he seeks the truth behind the operation. He is driven to discover the truth of one of the objects he was assigned to retrieve in that operation: A mysterious and beautiful woman who would become his sole clue to unraveling the galactic conspiracy.

TV series created in 1983 and concluded in 2010 by Ryōsuke Takahashi.
The show consists of 4 seasons and 75 episodes.



Hozumi Gouda Hozumi Gouda
Chirico Cuvie
Kazuko Yanaga Kazuko Yanaga
Phantom Lady Fyana
Kousei Tomita Kousei Tomita
Bouleuse Gotho
Shigeru Chiba Shigeru Chiba
Vanila Varta
Yōko Kawanami Yōko Kawanami
Banjou Ginga Banjou Ginga
Jean Paul Rochina
Kyōnosuke Kami
Saburo Kamei
Albert Killy
Akio Nojima Akio Nojima
Aaron Schmittel (voice)
Issei Futamata Issei Futamata
Gurran Schmittel
Kenichi Ogata Kenichi Ogata
Serge Borough
Chikao Ohtsuka Chikao Ohtsuka
Yoran Pailsen
Daisuke Gouri Daisuke Gouri
Bully Kidera
Yuusaku Yara Yuusaku Yara
Gimual Iskui
Shunsuke Shima
Shimkas Futtor
Kouji Totani
Detel Royl Battentain
Takeshi Watabe Takeshi Watabe
Kiyoshi Kobayashi Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Gregore Garosh
Kaneto Shiozawa Kaneto Shiozawa
Byman Hagard
Ryusei Nakao Ryusei Nakao
Murza Melym
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    4 Seasons • 75 Episodes

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    9.67/10 (3 voting)

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