The Catwoman manages to drug Robin. The junior member of the Dynamic Duo is now the Catwoman's mindless slave. Batman is on the trail of the sultry villain, but he's hampered by the fact he can't harm his partner. Eventually, Batman is trapped by the Catwoman. He's in a giant trap and Robin is cutting the rope that will cause a giant mouse trap to snap on Batman. The Catwoman offers Batman a choice -- die by Robin's hand or agree to be subjected to the same drug.

Aired on 01/19/1967
30 :
8.78/10 • 157 voting

Batman • S02E40
Adam West Adam WestBatman
Burt Ward Burt WardRobin
Alan Napier Alan NapierAlfred Pennyworth
Neil Hamilton Neil HamiltonComissioner James Gordon
Stafford Repp Stafford ReppChief Miles O'Hara
Yvonne Craig Yvonne CraigBatgirl
Madge Blake Madge BlakeAunt Harriet Cooper
Byron Keith Byron KeithThe Mayor
William Dozier William DozierNarrator
Julie Newmar Julie NewmarThe Catwoman
Allen Jenkins Allen Jenkins
Jock Gaynor
George Sawaya
J. Pat O Malley J. Pat O'Malley
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    3 Seasons • 120 Episodes

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