Season 3

Season three finds Chuck Rhoades and Bobby Axelrod in a world that has shifted on its axis. Both men are still determined to destroy the other, but must also battle for their own survival amid new forces and powerful enemies. Wendy Rhoades—Chuck's wife and Axe's performance coach—is all in for both of them, an uneasy and dangerous position for her, and one that ultimately puts her to a decision that could alter the direction of her life irrevocably.

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S03E01 : Tie Goes to the Runner (aired on 03/25/2018)

Chuck receives a mandate from a new boss. Axe braves a difficult choice following his recent…

S03E02 : The Wrong Maria Gonzalez (aired on 04/01/2018)

Chuck tries to cash in a favor owed to him by an honorable judge. Axe orchestrates creative new…

S03E03 : A Generation Too Late (aired on 04/08/2018)

Chuck faces a dilemma when he's given a perverse directive. Axe expands upon a secret venture.…

S03E04 : Hell of a Ride (aired on 04/15/2018)

Axe explores the new arena of venture philanthropy and looks to neutralize old accomplices.…

S03E05 : Flaw in the Death Star (aired on 04/22/2018)

Chuck trades favors with a co-conspirator. Axe and Chuck fight for the loyalty of the same witness.…

S03E06 : The Third Ortolan (aired on 04/29/2018)

Axe tracks down a critical piece of evidence that could destroy him. Both Axe and Chuck reckon with…

S03E07 : Not You, Mr. Dake (aired on 05/06/2018)

Axe and Chuck face mounting evidence of their involvement in the Ice Juice sabotage. Taylor…

S03E08 : All the Wilburys (aired on 05/13/2018)

Axe tries for a fresh start at Axe Capital. Chuck asserts his political autonomy—and wrestles with…

S03E09 : Icebreaker (aired on 05/20/2018)

Axe makes a bold play to secure capital from a controversial source. Taylor chafes against Axe’s…

S03E10 : Redemption (aired on 05/27/2018)

Axe explores an unappealing investment at a desperate moment. Taylor makes a personal compromise…

S03E11 : Kompenso (aired on 06/03/2018)

Axe determines his employees' worth at the year-end "comp” meetings. Chuck advances a dangerous…

S03E12 : Elmsley Count (aired on 06/10/2018)

Axe dominates a capital raise event, but is soon challenged by an unexpected competitor. Chuck…
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