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S05E01 : The Island of Lost Treasure (aired on 08/16/2019)

When Blaze and Darington arrive at the Island of Lost Treasure and find a map to a treasure chest,…

S05E02 : AJ to the Rescue (aired on 09/10/2019)

Blaze gets trapped in sticky mud in the jungle; it's up to AJ and his new animal friends to go on…

S05E03 : The Trophy Chase (aired on 09/11/2019)

All the fastest trucks in town are ready for the Championship Race; when Crusher steals the trophy…

S05E04 : Babysitting Heroes (aired on 09/12/2019)

While Blaze and AJ help their friend Stripes look after some baby animals, the little critters…

S05E05 : Abra-Ka-Pickle (aired on 10/25/2019)

Pickle is putting on a magic show for all of Axle City! But when Crusher accidentally makes a…

S05E06 : Toy Trouble! (aired on 12/06/2019)

The Axle City toy store's amazing machine can make any toy one wants; when Crusher uses it to make…

S05E07 : Deep Sea Grand Prix (aired on 01/31/2020)

For the first time ever, Blaze and AJ race under the ocean; Blaze transforms into a submarine and…

S05E08 : Episode 8 (aired on 02/11/2020)


S05E09 : Episode 9 (aired on 02/13/2020)

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