[And Unveil the Mastermind] In the thrilling mid-season finale the team goes after a group of sleeper spies that have just been activated and race to stop a slew of assassinations.

Aired on 11/23/2015
41 :
8.48/10 • 1211 voting

Blindspot • S01E10
Sullivan Stapleton Sullivan StapletonKurt Weller
Jaimie Alexander Jaimie AlexanderJane Doe
Rob Brown Rob BrownEdgar Reade
Audrey Esparza Audrey EsparzaTasha Zapata
Ashley Johnson Ashley JohnsonPatterson
Ennis Esmer Ennis EsmerRich Dotcom
Michael Gaston Michael GastonThomas Carter
Logan Schuyler SmithSawyer Weller
François Arnaud François ArnaudOscar
Amy Hargreaves Amy HargreavesOlivia Delidio
Afton Williamson Afton WilliamsonKara Sloane
Mike Doyle Mike DoyleNathan Williams
Heidi Germaine Schnappauf Heidi Germaine SchnappaufKate Williams (Redhead)
Christina M. KimWriter
Marcos SiegaDirector
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