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S06E01 : Worst Case Scenario 7.22/10 (aired on 09/25/2015)

Frank goes on high alert when a threat to New York City may be imminent following a terrorist…

S06E02 : Absolute Power 7.42/10 (aired on 10/02/2015)

Danny and Baez investigate a possible serial killer who sends a chilling message to Danny. Erin…

S06E03 : All the News That’s Fit to Click 8.58/10 (aired on 10/09/2015)

When newspaper reporter Lorenzo Colt is targeted while wearing NYPD gear on a ride-along with Jamie…

S06E04 : With Friends Like These 7.41/10 (aired on 10/16/2015)

Erin’s attempt to convict a slippery mob boss for an old murder is muddled when her former…

S06E05 : Backstabbers 7.32/10 (aired on 10/23/2015)

Danny joins the hunt for two escaped convicts after hearing one of them is someone he helped to…

S06E06 : Rush to Judgment 8.28/10 (aired on 10/30/2015)

When Jamie is caught on camera committing what could be construed as police brutality at an…

S06E07 : The Bullitt Mustang 7.12/10 (aired on 11/06/2015)

Danny and Baez investigate the theft of the only remaining Mustang that Steve McQueen drove in the…

S06E08 : Unsung Heroes 8.47/10 (aired on 11/13/2015)

When Danny and his family are threatened by Thomas Wilder, a serial killer Danny has not been able…

S06E09 : Hold Outs 7.87/10 (aired on 11/20/2015)

When a homicide case ends in a hung jury, Erin is forced to take over the case from her colleague,…

S06E10 : Flags of Our Fathers 8.18/10 (aired on 12/11/2015)

Danny is interrogated by the District Attorney’s investigator when his ex-partner is accused of…

S06E11 : Back in the Day 8.39/10 (aired on 01/08/2016)

When Frank’s first partner announces plans to publish a book filled with stories of their early…

S06E12 : Cursed 7.67/10 (aired on 01/15/2016)

When a local mobster is gunned down in his car, Danny and Baez try to get information from the…

S06E13 : Stomping Grounds 7.8/10 (aired on 01/22/2016)

When a well-regarded, newly retired NYPD lieutenant is accused of shooting a group of potential…

S06E14 : The Road to Hell 8.4/10 (aired on 02/12/2016)

Danny must determine who murdered a man when multiple women who worked for him all take credit for…

S06E15 : Fresh Start 7.9/10 (aired on 02/19/2016)

Erin is overwhelmed with guilt after a man she set free is accused of killing a cop. Also, Frank…

S06E16 : Help Me Help You 7.79/10 (aired on 02/26/2016)

Linda asks Danny and Baez to help her co-worker who is having trouble with her angry ex-husband. …

S06E17 : Friends in Need 8.21/10 (aired on 03/11/2016)

Jamie and Danny disagree about how to handle a reckless NYPD rookie, Marcus, who is the son of…

S06E18 : Town Without Pity 7.93/10 (aired on 04/01/2016)

Frank and Danny work together to help Nick Constantine (Michael Nouri), a rehabilitated ex-con who…

S06E19 : Blast from the Past 7.5/10 (aired on 04/08/2016)

While hunting for a robbery crew on a wild crime spree, Danny and Baez partner with Detective Jimmy…

S06E20 : Down the Rabbit Hole 7.62/10 (aired on 04/15/2016)

When serial killer Thomas Wilder (Louis Cancelmi) attaches a message to his latest victim that…

S06E21 : The Extra Mile 7.34/10 (aired on 04/29/2016)

When a key eyewitness in a murder trial flees out of fear of retaliation, Erin and Anthony…

S06E22 : Blowback 7.52/10 (aired on 05/06/2016)

Frank, the Mayor, Erin and the DA’s office contend with public outrage after a grand jury doesn’t…
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