Season episodes list 7


S07E01 : The Greater Good 7.8/10 (aired on 09/23/2016)

In the season 7 opener, Evidence against Danny surfaces when the attorney general's office reviews…

S07E02 : Good Cop Bad Cop 7.22/10 (aired on 09/30/2016)

Danny and Baez investigate the death of an elderly woman who was shot in her home by a stray…

S07E03 : The Price of Justice 7.21/10 (aired on 10/07/2016)

A woman who was held hostage resists pressing charges, but Danny and Baez want justice for her.…

S07E04 : Mob Rules 7.13/10 (aired on 10/14/2016)

Intent on bringing justice to Lieutenant Gormley after he is beaten by a mob outside his home,…

S07E05 : For the Community 6.94/10 (aired on 10/21/2016)

Erin and Anthony try to prevent the deportation of a prominent community activist who isn't a…

S07E06 : Whistleblowers 6.95/10 (aired on 10/28/2016)

A NYPD whistle-blower claims there's been abuse of power within the organization, so Frank must…

S07E07 : Guilt By Association 7.58/10 (aired on 11/04/2016)

Lewis tries to force Frank to publicly support the Attorney General's investigation of the use of…

S07E08 : Personal Business 7.73/10 (aired on 11/11/2016)

After Emily Harrison tells Danny and Baez she's concerned her abusive ex-boyfriend will repeat his…

S07E09 : Confessions 7.42/10 (aired on 11/18/2016)

Frank is left with minimal information to find a missing boy when a conflicted priest who could…

S07E10 : Unbearable Loss 8/10 (aired on 12/09/2016)

When the son of Frank's most outspoken critic in the African-American community, Reverend Darnell…

S07E11 : Genetics 7.63/10 (aired on 01/06/2017)

When Eddie and Jamie become overly involved in a complicated adoption case between the birth and…

S07E12 : Not Fade Away 7.53/10 (aired on 01/13/2017)

When Danny accepts a side job as a bodyguard for a recently released ex-con who took the fall for…

S07E13 : The One That Got Away 7.83/10 (aired on 01/20/2017)

When diplomatic immunity complicates a child abuse case for Danny and Baez, Frank intervenes,…

S07E14 : In and Out 7.49/10 (aired on 02/03/2017)

While investigating the murder of a gang leader, Danny and Baez learn the accused shooter is an…

S07E15 : Lost Souls 7.68/10 (aired on 02/10/2017)

While investigating the murder of a man who killed a mother and son years earlier while driving…

S07E16 : Hard Bargain 7.09/10 (aired on 02/17/2017)

When Linda's brother, Jimmy (Kevin Dillon), gets into trouble with the mob, he begs Danny to help…

S07E17 : Shadow of a Doubt 7.55/10 (aired on 03/10/2017)

Jamie and Eddie suspect foul play when they respond to a distress call from a woman having an…

S07E18 : A Deep Blue Goodbye 7.61/10 (aired on 03/31/2017)

Uma ex-oficial do Departamento de Polícia de Nova York desaparece um dia depois de revelar a Danny…

S07E19 : Love Lost 7.49/10 (aired on 04/07/2017)

Erin faces off against her ex-husband in court when he represents the person she is attempting to…

S07E20 : No Retreat No Surrender 7.65/10 (aired on 04/14/2017)

After Reggie Wilson, a witness in a former case of Erin's, asks her for help shutting down a drug…

S07E21 : Foreign Interference 7.05/10 (aired on 04/28/2017)

Danny and Baez team up with two Russian operatives to search for a dangerous Russian man who…

S07E22 : The Thin Blue Line 7.82/10 (aired on 05/05/2017)

In the season finale, when Danny intercepts a shipment of several million dollars that was heading…
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