The team investigates a body found in a car crash, and the remains belong to a founder of a men’s rights organization who may have been the victim of domestic abuse. As Brennan learns more about the tenets of the victim’s organization, which claims middle-aged white men are oppressed and feminists are man-haters, Brennan uncharacteristically loses her cool during an interrogation and assaults the organization’s co-founder. Meanwhile, Angela and the team struggle to deal with Hodgins’ post-wheelchair bitterness and Booth is convinced Brennan is a jinx for the Philadelphia Flyers.

Aired on 04/21/2016
45 :
7.51/10 • 267 voting

Bones • S11E12
David Boreanaz David BoreanazSeeley Booth
Emily Deschanel Emily DeschanelTemperance 'Bones' Brennan
Michaela Conlin Michaela ConlinAngela Montenegro
T. J. Thyne T. J. ThyneJack Hodgins
Tamara Taylor Tamara TaylorCamille Saroyan
John Boyd John BoydJames Aubrey
Ignacio Serricchio Ignacio SerricchioRodolfo Fuentes
David Shatraw David ShatrawPaul Walters
Lilli Birdsell Lilli BirdsellKaren Walters
Jack Armstrong Jack ArmstrongEmil Bradford
Mia Barron Mia BarronGail Bradford
Michael Rupnow Michael RupnowRob Kim
Saidah Arrika Ekulona Saidah Arrika EkulonaLean Marino
Ashley Dulaney Ashley DulaneyAllie Halloran
Cyd Strittmatter Cyd StrittmatterDr. Pamela Gould