Season 2

In the second season, Walt must deal with the chain reaction of his choice, as he and Jesse face new and severe consequences. When danger and suspicion around Walt escalate, he is pushed to new levels of desperation. Just how much higher will the stakes rise? How far is Walt willing to go to ensure his family's security? Will his grand plan spiral out of control?

Season episodes list 2


S02E01 : Seven Thirty-Seven 8.66/10 (aired on 03/08/2009)

Walt and Jesse are vividly reminded of Tuco’s volatile nature, and try to figure a way out of their…

S02E02 : Grilled 9.16/10 (aired on 03/15/2009)

Walt and Jesse find themselves in close quarters with an unhinged Tuco. Marie and Hank comfort…

S02E03 : Bit by a Dead Bee 8.37/10 (aired on 03/22/2009)

Walt and Jesse cover their tracks, but as a result, both of their financial situations suffer.…

S02E04 : Down 8.17/10 (aired on 03/29/2009)

Walt tries to reconnect with his family. Still suspicious of her husband's actions, Skyler keeps…

S02E05 : Breakage 8.37/10 (aired on 04/05/2009)

Tensions and bills mount at the White household. Hank makes progress at work, but struggles with…

S02E06 : Peekaboo 8.76/10 (aired on 04/12/2009)

Walt returns to work. Skinny Pete gets ripped off and when Jesse steps in to "handle it," he gets…

S02E07 : Negro y Azul 8.66/10 (aired on 04/19/2009)

Rumors fly about Jesse's recent actions as he and Walt discuss expanding their business into new…

S02E08 : Better Call Saul 8.96/10 (aired on 04/26/2009)

When Badger finds himself in trouble with the law, Walt and Jesse seek the legal advice of a shady…

S02E09 : 4 Days Out 8.96/10 (aired on 05/03/2009)

After Walt undergoes a PET-CT scan, he and his family wait for news about his cancer treatment…

S02E10 : Over 8.56/10 (aired on 05/10/2009)

Walt and Hank get into a heated argument at a party the Whites host to thank friends and family for…

S02E11 : Mandala 8.76/10 (aired on 05/17/2009)

When Walt and Jesse's crew of dealers begins to dwindle, Saul proposes a new business partner.…

S02E12 : Phoenix 9.06/10 (aired on 05/24/2009)

The Whites welcome a new addition. Walter Jr. launches a new website in an effort to aid his…

S02E13 : ABQ 9.06/10 (aired on 05/31/2009)

Skyler and Walt collide in the season finale as her frustration with his secrecy finally comes to a…
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