Season 4

Captain Holt and Jake Peralta have been forced into a federal witness protection program in suburban Florida – far, far away from their beloved Brooklyn.

Season episodes list 4


S04E01 : Coral Palms (1) 8.19/10 (aired on 09/20/2016)

Jake and Holt continue their new lives in Florida under the Witness Protection Program while Jimmy…

S04E02 : Coral Palms (2) 8.18/10 (aired on 09/27/2016)

Jake and Holt end up on the other side of the interrogation table after being caught plotting an…

S04E03 : Coral Palms (3) 8.19/10 (aired on 10/04/2016)

The team makes a road trip to Florida to try to help Jake and Holt take down Figgis. With an…

S04E04 : The Night Shift (1) 7.58/10 (aired on 10/11/2016)

As Jake struggles with his first case back at the precinct, he encounters Jess Day, who is visiting…

S04E05 : Halloween IV 8.59/10 (aired on 10/18/2016)

It’s Halloween in the Nine-Nine, which can only mean one thing: heist time. This year, the squad…

S04E06 : Monster in the Closet 7.9/10 (aired on 11/15/2016)

Pimento and Rosa decide to pick up where they left off and get married, so the whole squad preps a…

S04E07 : Mr. Santiago 8.3/10 (aired on 11/22/2016)

At Amy's intricately planned Thanksgiving dinner, Jake goes "full Santiago" (binder and all) in…

S04E08 : Skyfire Cycle 8/10 (aired on 11/29/2016)

When famous author DC Parlov receives death threats, Jake and Terry take the case, so that Terry…

S04E09 : The Overmining 8.09/10 (aired on 12/06/2016)

Captain "CJ" is having major problems with a big case, and Jake and Holt find the motivation to…

S04E10 : Captain Latvia 7.7/10 (aired on 12/13/2016)

Charles enlists Jake’s help in tracking down his son’s favorite toy for Christmas, and the pair…

S04E11 : The Fugitive (1) 8.4/10 (aired on 01/01/2017)

A mass escape of convicts from a prison van in the streets of Brooklyn sends the entire squad on a…

S04E12 : The Fugitive (2) 8.39/10 (aired on 01/01/2017)

With only one fugitive still on the loose, Jake enlists a surprising ally.

S04E13 : The Audit 7.8/10 (aired on 04/11/2017)

With the crime rate lowered, Brooklyn will be shutting down one of its precincts – permanently. The…

S04E14 : Serve & Protect 7.99/10 (aired on 04/18/2017)

Terry's ex replaces Teddy in evaluating the precinct, but Jake and Rosa are distracted by a…

S04E15 : The Last Ride 8.28/10 (aired on 04/25/2017)

In what could be their last case as partners, Jake and Charles go to great extremes to apprehend a…

S04E16 : Moo Moo 8.29/10 (aired on 05/02/2017)

Sergeant Jeffords is stopped by a fellow police officer while off-duty in his own neighborhood.…

S04E17 : Cop-Con 8.18/10 (aired on 05/09/2017)

The precinct packs up and heads to the Tri-State Police Officers' annual Cop-Con, which is usually…

S04E18 : Chasing Amy 7.98/10 (aired on 05/09/2017)

Amy suddenly vanishes hours before taking the Sergeant Exam, and it's up to Jake and Rosa to find…

S04E19 : Your Honor 7.99/10 (aired on 05/16/2017)

Captain Holt’s mom seeks support from the precinct after her house is robbed. Meanwhile, Terry,…

S04E20 : The Slaughterhouse 8.07/10 (aired on 05/16/2017)

Jake and Rosa try to earn the respect of their idol, Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins, while Charles,…

S04E21 : The Bank Job 8.37/10 (aired on 05/23/2017)

Jake and Rosa go undercover with the head of an elite task force to try to crack a massive…

S04E22 : Crime & Punishment 8.27/10 (aired on 05/23/2017)

Jake and Rosa are framed for a crime they didn't commit, it's up to the Nine-Nine to find a way to…
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