Season episodes list 6


S06E01 : Honeymoon (aired on 01/10/2019)

Jake and Amy go on their honeymoon. Capt. Holt finds out whether he is the new commissioner of the…

S06E02 : Hitchcock & Scully (aired on 01/17/2019)

Jake and Charles investigate a case of Hitchcock and Scully’s from the 1980s. Amy’s uniformed…

S06E03 : The Tattler (aired on 01/24/2019)

Jake and Gina attend their 20th high school reunion. Charles helps Rosa with her love life.

S06E04 : Four Movements (aired on 01/31/2019)

Gina spends time with each member of the squad.

S06E05 : A Tale of Two Bandits (aired on 02/07/2019)

Terry believes the Pontiac Bandit is stealing cars again, but Jake is convinced his friend wouldn’t…

S06E06 : The Crime Scene (aired on 02/14/2019)

Jake and Rosa must deal with a mother in mourning as they work and rework a crime scene in order to…

S06E07 : The Honeypot (aired on 02/21/2019)

Jake and Holt clash over the merits of a new hire in the 99th precinct. Terry, Amy, Rosa and…

S06E08 : He Said, She Said (aired on 02/28/2019)

Jake and Amy investigate a difficult “he said, she said” case. Holt becomes suspicious after…

S06E09 : The Golden Child (aired on 03/07/2019)

Jake helps Amy navigate the complicated relationship she has with her brother, David. Charles…

S06E10 : Gintars (aired on 03/14/2019)

A visitor from Latvia causes Charles and Jake to investigate Nikolaj’s family. Holt and Amy bring…

S06E11 : The Therapist (aired on 03/21/2019)

Charles brings Jake into a case when a therapist reports one of his patient’s missing. Holt finds…

S06E12 : Casecation (aired on 04/11/2019)

Work is so busy for Jake and Amy that they end up celebrating their anniversary while standing…

S06E13 : The Bimbo (aired on 04/18/2019)

Holt and Jake investigate a case at Kevin’s university. Terry and Amy take the squad out for…

S06E14 : Ticking Clocks (aired on 04/25/2019)

Jake and the squad must track down a hacker who has infiltrated the Nine-Nine’s servers. Rosa deals…

S06E15 : Return of the King (aired on 05/02/2019)

When Gina returns to the Nine-Nine, Jake and Terry get drawn into her life. Holt learns that…

S06E16 : Cinco de Mayo (aired on 05/09/2019)

In order to distract Terry from the stress of his upcoming lieutenant’s exam, Jake, Holt and the…

S06E17 : Sicko (aired on 05/16/2019)

Jake and Charles investigate a dangerous serial killer. Holt continues to spar with his rival,…

S06E18 : Suicide Squad (aired on 05/16/2019)

Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures, as Jake, Holt, Amy, Terry, Rosa, and Charles…
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