While driving down a desolate highway in rural Utah on his trail of Stroud, Ben comes across Jones and Libby, the victims of a vigilante group blaming Jonesy for the Ferris wheel accident, leading to Ben to try to heal Jonesy. Back at Carnivale, Ruthie has another possession by the deceased Lotz who leaves a lipstick message that Sofia is the Omega. Lila then tries to reach the deceased Lodz. At the Canaan camp, the invalid Reverend Balthus takes a shot at Justin during his fiery political sermon, and when chaos breaks out, Justin shocks the crowd with forgiveness. Meanwhile, Iris takes Eleanor on a picnic where she makes the mistake of confining in Iris that she suspects that Brother Justin is actually a demon, and Iris pays her back by revealing that she already knows... and then kills her. Sofie finds salvation in her new work for Brother Justin. On the road, Stroud lets the morphine flow for the captive Scudder, while Ben tries to get a head on Stroud's whereabouts.

Aired on 03/06/2005
52 :
8.87/10 • 356 voting

Carnivàle • S02E09
Michael J. Anderson Michael J. AndersonSamson
Adrienne Barbeau Adrienne BarbeauRuthie
Clancy Brown Clancy BrownBrother Justin
Debra Christofferson Debra ChristoffersonLila
Tim DeKay Tim DeKayClayton Jones
Clea DuVall Clea DuVallSofie
Cynthia Ettinger Cynthia EttingerRita Sue Dreifuss
Carla Gallo Carla GalloLibby Dreifuss
Toby Huss Toby HussStumpy Dreifuss
Amy Madigan Amy MadiganIris Crowe
Nick Stahl Nick StahlBen Hawkins
Brian Turk Brian TurkGabriel
Ralph Waite Ralph WaiteNorman Belthus
John Fleck John FleckGecko
Blake Shields Blake ShieldsOsgood
John Carroll Lynch John Carroll LynchVarlyn Stroud
Jeff Austin Jeff Austin
Howard KleinProducer
Ronald D. MooreProducer
William SchmidtWriter
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    TV series

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    2 Seasons • 24 Episodes

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    8.5/10 (36 818 voting)

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