While taking a trip to see the mountain cherry trees, Kogoro decides to take a shortcut home. In the process, they're lost, and they get two flat tires. Conan finds a temple, and after the Head Priest Tenei charges them a ridiculous amount of yen, they stay the night. The priest tells them of a legend called the Kiri Tengu, which breaks through walls and devours people's souls and only targets young girls. Meanwhile, the priests in training mention about an incident two years ago that sounds like the legend. But the Head Priest reminds them that they vowed never to speak of it. In the morning, the older priest in trainging Kannen-san goes to look for him, only to find his corpse hanging from the ceiling in the meditation room, and a hole in the wall made by a powerful force. Is this the work of the Kiri Tengu?

Aired on 03/17/1997

Detective Conan • S02E24
Minami Takayama Minami TakayamaConan Edogawa
Kappei Yamaguchi Kappei YamaguchiShinichi Kudo
Wakana Yamazaki Wakana YamazakiRan Mori
Akira Kamiya Akira KamiyaKogoro Mori
Rikiya Koyama Rikiya KoyamaKogoro Mori
Megumi Hayashibara Megumi HayashibaraAi Haibara
Kenichi Ogata Kenichi OgataHiroshi Agasa
Chafurin ChafurinJuzo Megure
Ikue Otani Ikue OtaniMitsuhiko Tsuburaya
Wataru Takagi Wataru TakagiGenta Kojima
Yukiko IwaiAyumi Yoshida
Gosho AoyamaCreator