Kogoro is invited to Yoko's engagement--no, Yoko's friend's engagement with a famous actor. When Kogoro arrives, though, he is hit with a tennis racket by mistake! It turned out that Yoko's frind had been blackmailed by an unknown person, and had been very careful when opening doors since. While everyone is watching a video, Yoko's friend goes showering. After quite a time Conan realises that something must be wrong and goes into the bathroom to find Yoko's friend lying in the bathtub with her neck cut.

Aired on 09/03/2001

Detective Conan • S09E30
Minami Takayama Minami TakayamaConan Edogawa
Kappei Yamaguchi Kappei YamaguchiShinichi Kudo
Wakana Yamazaki Wakana YamazakiRan Mori
Akira Kamiya Akira KamiyaKogoro Mori
Rikiya Koyama Rikiya KoyamaKogoro Mori
Megumi Hayashibara Megumi HayashibaraAi Haibara
Kenichi Ogata Kenichi OgataHiroshi Agasa
Chafurin ChafurinJuzo Megure
Ikue Otani Ikue OtaniMitsuhiko Tsuburaya
Wataru Takagi Wataru TakagiGenta Kojima
Yukiko IwaiAyumi Yoshida
Gosho AoyamaCreator