The death of Satou's last partner haunts her when she is put up against the same bomber. The bomber likes to place bombs around the city. Some bombs will display the location of an even bigger bomb if left for the last three seconds, this resulted in the death of Satou's partner in the past. After following clues placed by the bomber, Takagi and Conan are trapped in an elevator, where they await the bomb's clue to the location of an even bigger bomb. Conan disarms the bomb before the last second as he has already figured out the last part of the code. He stops the bomber and he is captured.

Aired on 01/06/2003
7.3/10 • 12 voting

Detective Conan • S11E19
Minami Takayama Minami TakayamaConan Edogawa
Kappei Yamaguchi Kappei YamaguchiShinichi Kudo
Wakana Yamazaki Wakana YamazakiRan Mori
Akira Kamiya Akira KamiyaKogoro Mori
Rikiya Koyama Rikiya KoyamaKogoro Mori
Megumi Hayashibara Megumi HayashibaraAi Haibara
Kenichi Ogata Kenichi OgataHiroshi Agasa
Chafurin ChafurinJuzo Megure
Ikue Otani Ikue OtaniMitsuhiko Tsuburaya
Wataru Takagi Wataru TakagiGenta Kojima
Yukiko IwaiAyumi Yoshida
Gosho AoyamaCreator