Season episodes list 15


S15E01 : The Super Secret Road to School (Part 1) 8.2/10 (aired on 01/23/2006)

A girl vanishes on her way to school, and the Detective Boys decide to investigate. Conan fears the…

S15E02 : The Super Secret Road to School (Part 2) 8.2/10 (aired on 01/30/2006)

Conan figured out from accounts of the missing girl's trip to a convenience store that she was…

S15E03 : The Two Who Can't Return Anymore (Part 1) 8.2/10 (aired on 02/06/2006)

A client asked Mori Kogoro to locate his girlfriend who drove off in his car after a quarrel. The…

S15E04 : Episode 4 (aired on 02/13/2006)