A local boxing match ends in tragedy when the winning boxer's found unconscious afterwards and becomes Baz's patient. Charlie teases Andy's extra martial liaison with Sandra and Duffy confides in Megan about her rape ordeal. Ewart's on hand to attend to a breach birth and Susie gets pestered by a drunk man. A wounded policeman and a drug addict are attended to, as the brain damaged boxer has to be transferred to another hospital for a scan.

Aired on 12/06/1986
50 :

Derek Thompson Derek ThompsonCharlie Fairhead
Elvis PayneHenry McCartney
Harry Fowler Harry FowlerTerry
Johanna HargreavesGail McCartney
Sean ScanlanAlex
Christopher DouglasMr Radford
Roberta Tovey Roberta ToveyMrs. Radford
Keith JayneLuke
Sebastian Abineri Sebastian AbineriDavid
John Forgeham John ForgehamSgt. Shaw