Season episodes list 17


S17E01 : Déjà Vu (aired on 09/14/2002)

Three months on, Nikki returns to work and finds the experience still haunts her and has to deal…

S17E02 : Protection (aired on 09/21/2002)

Lara begins her court trial and suffers flashbacks and the bad memories associated with her…

S17E03 : Judgement Day (aired on 09/28/2002)

It's the day of Lara's trial, but she's not feeling positive since Melanie Collier denied her…

S17E04 : Episode 4 (aired on 10/05/2002)


S17E05 : Episode 5 (aired on 10/12/2002)


S17E06 : Episode 6 (aired on 10/19/2002)


S17E07 : Episode 7 (aired on 10/26/2002)


S17E08 : It's a Boy Thing (aired on 11/02/2002)

Josh finds himself in the middle of a conflict between a father and his son; Anna tries to uncover…

S17E09 : Innocence (aired on 11/09/2002)

Lara faces judgement day in the appeal court; a suspected overdose patient forces Roxy to confront…

S17E10 : Return of the Native (aired on 11/16/2002)

It's Lara s first day back and when Heather's incompetence lands her in deep trouble, Simon and…

S17E11 : Up to Your Neck in It (aired on 11/23/2002)

Josh rescues a boy from drowning after his father's car rolls into a river. Nikki is refusing to…

S17E12 : Gimme Shelter (aired on 11/30/2002)

Lara realises how vulnerable the events of the past few months have left her. Meanwhile, Nikki is…

S17E13 : Blame (aired on 12/07/2002)

Lara faces new problems when the police officer who helped put her in jail is brought into the…

S17E14 : Feuds and Fury (aired on 12/14/2002)

A Christmas-tree thief chops off his own thumb and a farmer injures his leg while trying to catch…

S17E15 : Some Comfort, No Joy, Little Peace, Bit Too Much Love (aired on 12/21/2002)

Spirits are high at the staff Christmas party. As Simon and Colette disappear outside for a kiss,…

S17E16 : Living for the Moment (aired on 12/28/2002)

Diane, a patient admitted early on, has Parkinson's but her symptoms are not consistent with that…

S17E17 : Friend or Foe (aired on 01/04/2003)

A runaway electric saw is brought to life by a naughty youth, who breaks into a shed. When it's…

S17E18 : Collision Course (aired on 01/11/2003)

Harry is determined to rid the department of time-wasters. But when a private patient is brought…

S17E19 : Sins of the Father (aired on 01/18/2003)

Josh and Comfort stumble across a badly-injured Jack, while Dillon's Good Samaritan skills are put…

S17E20 : Spiteful God (aired on 01/25/2003)

It's trying times for everyone in this episode. While Josh can't accept that he and Colette are…

S17E21 : Flight (aired on 02/01/2003)

Duffy's intended, Ryan, is obviously a wrong ‘un and yet everybody is wishing her well as she…

S17E22 : Love Hurts (aired on 02/08/2003)

It looks as if long-suffering Duffy's beautiful dream may turn into a nightmare, as security guard…

S17E23 : Hitting Home (1) (aired on 02/15/2003)

Ryan is still AWOL with Duffy's money, and this week Duffy puts her house up for sale in order to…

S17E24 : Hitting Home (2) (aired on 02/22/2003)

The paramedics are called out to Sheila's house but are surprised to find it's her daughter-in-law…

S17E25 : Dire Straits (aired on 03/15/2003)

Events take a tragic turn when Jeff tactlessly threatens a highly-strung man while on a call-out…

S17E26 : Fool for Love (aired on 03/08/2003)

Josh, in his new job as duty officer, clashes with Finlay over the treatment of a heart attack…

S17E27 : Keep It in the Family (aired on 03/15/2003)

After the death of an adopted patient, Merlin is compelled to search out his own birth parents,…

S17E28 : A Hard Day's Night (aired on 03/22/2003)

Harry returns to work after the death of his wife; Simon takes an unprofessional interest in Jane's…

S17E29 : Side Effects (aired on 03/29/2003)

It's Harry's first day back at work after his wife's death, and he puts himself in danger after…

S17E30 : An Act of God (aired on 04/05/2003)

With the power down and the ED in chaos, Harry takes drastic measures to save a patient. As Merlin…

S17E31 : The Point of No Return (aired on 04/12/2003)

Ryan returns and Duffy has to make a life-changing decision. Jack tries to persuade a reluctant…

S17E32 : Stuck in the Middle with You (aired on 04/19/2003)

New paramedic Luke spends his first day at work trapped in a cellar with a young girl following a…

S17E33 : Getting Through (aired on 04/26/2003)

While treating an injured man, Lara suddenly finds herself in a life-threatening situation, Merlin…

S17E34 : Hurt the One You Love (aired on 05/03/2003)

Anna tells a desperate Merlin that they can't be together, and Jack and Tony say their final…

S17E35 : Episode 35 (aired on 05/10/2003)


S17E36 : Episode 36 (aired on 05/17/2003)


S17E37 : Episode 37 (aired on 05/31/2003)


S17E38 : Episode 38 (aired on 06/07/2003)


S17E39 : Episode 39 (aired on 06/14/2003)


S17E40 : A Special Day (aired on 06/21/2003)

Niki is on her way to church with Dillion when the see a man lying on the road. Dillion gets out…