Season episodes list 23


S23E01 : Farmead Menace - Part 1 (aired on 09/13/2008)

A teen rebel sets a terrifying chain of events in motion and Adam risks everything.

S23E02 : Farmead Menace - Part 2 (aired on 09/14/2008)

The ED gang finds some disturbing video footage that explains Tess's disappearance.

S23E03 : Interventions (aired on 09/20/2008)

Abs is quick to blame himself when Stacey is accused of injuring a young girl.

S23E04 : Guilt Complex (aired on 09/27/2008)

A suspicious Adam searches for clues as to Nick Jordan's appointment.

S23E05 : Face Up (aired on 10/04/2008)

Dixie is haunted by her guilt, and Zoe receives her fertility test results.

S23E06 : Hurt (aired on 10/11/2008)

Abs struggles to come to terms with his friend's death.

S23E07 : There and Back Again (aired on 10/18/2008)

A patient's life is endangered as Adam's behaviour spirals out of control.

S23E08 : The Evil That Men Do (aired on 10/25/2008)

Tess puts her faith in Charlie, but soon starts to doubt his judgement.

S23E09 : The Line of Fire (aired on 11/01/2008)

A father with a score to settle causes chaos in the ED.

S23E10 : Impact (aired on 11/08/2008)

Toby and Ruth battle to prove themselves to Jordan, but who will come out on top?

S23E11 : Own Personal Jesus (aired on 11/15/2008)

Jordan takes steps to ensure he remains on top, and Zoe confronts Abby upon her return.

S23E12 : Reality Bites (aired on 11/22/2008)

Jordan is full of regret after his night of passion with Ruth.

S23E13 : A Slip in Time (aired on 11/29/2008)

A terrible accident forces Adam to confront his past.

S23E14 : Happiness (aired on 12/06/2008)

Jessica collapses and reveals her pregnancy to Tess, while Ruth worries about Toby.

S23E15 : Doing the Right Thing (aired on 12/13/2008)

Adam struggles to come to terms with events in his life, and Toby makes a bold statement.

S23E16 : This Will Be Our Year (aired on 12/20/2008)

Jessica and Sean continue to lock horns over their move, with damaging consequences.

S23E17 : Took a Long Time to Come (aired on 12/21/2008)

Adam learns some shocking news and takes steps to find out the truth.

S23E18 : My Last Day Part 1 (aired on 12/27/2008)

Toby tries to make amends but is left trapped and alone in a perilous situation.

S23E19 : My Last Day Part 2 (aired on 01/03/2009)

A train crash brings chaos to the staff at Holby, while Ruth questions her abilities.

S23E20 : Crush (aired on 01/10/2009)

Zoe ignores Sharice's pleas for help, with devastating consequences.

S23E21 : No Going Back (aired on 01/17/2009)

Jordan makes a confession to Alex, and Jessica receives alarming news.

S23E22 : Price of Life (aired on 01/24/2009)

Curtis confronts his past. Zoe struggles to connect with Sharice following Abby's death.

S23E23 : Midday Sun (aired on 01/31/2009)

As Jordan is faced with a difficult decision, Curtis struggles to reveal his feelings.

S23E24 : Watershed (aired on 02/07/2009)

A devastated Adam searches for someone to blame, and has his sights set firmly on Jordan.

S23E25 : Stand By Me (aired on 02/14/2009)

Curtis' plans for a romantic Valentine's Day with Alice are thwarted by an unwelcome face.

S23E26 : Blood (aired on 02/21/2009)

Tess counsels Curtis and Alice, but what other obstacles stand in their way?

S23E27 : Could We Be Heroes? (aired on 02/28/2009)

Jordan tries to cover his condition. Kelsey gets some good news, but is all as it seems?

S23E28 : Before a Fall (aired on 03/07/2009)

Adam's skills are put to the test, and Kelsey tries to make amends with her colleagues.

S23E29 : Shields (aired on 03/14/2009)

Jessica receives news from Saudi, and Ruth realises she's become too preoccupied with work

S23E30 : Lie Low (aired on 03/21/2009)

Big Mac reflects on the events leading up to his arrest, and makes a decision.

S23E31 : All You Need Is Love (aired on 03/28/2009)

What have the gang got in store for Kelsey's last day? Zana makes an important decision.

S23E32 : True Lies (aired on 04/04/2009)

Jordan tries to conceal his symptoms and makes a decision about his ongoing condition.

S23E33 : Someone to Watch Over Me (aired on 04/11/2009)

Jordan is diagnosed and throws himself into work. Zoe tries to balance work and motherhood

S23E34 : The Trap (aired on 04/18/2009)

Jordan plans to sacrifice Adam, Zoe makes a hard decision, and Jessica goes into labour.

S23E35 : Better Drowned (aired on 04/25/2009)

Adam's resignation sparks a shocking reaction, and Jessica gets an unwelcome visitor.

S23E36 : The Price We Pay (aired on 05/02/2009)

Jordan's secret is revealed, and Jessica has a shocking revelation about baby Harry.

S23E37 : Hostile Takeover (aired on 05/09/2009)

Curtis and Alice's plans are thwarted, while Jordan and Adam begin their new regime.

S23E38 : With This Ring (aired on 05/23/2009)

Alice's life hangs in the balance, and Curtis is determined that someone will pay.

S23E39 : Who Do You Think You Are? (aired on 05/30/2009)

Jordan and Zoe find themselves getting closer, while Alice returns to work.

S23E40 : Palimpsest (aired on 06/06/2009)

A look at a typical paramedics' shift as the teams attend call outs around Holby.

S23E41 : Fight or Flight (aired on 06/13/2009)

Ruth goes out of her way to impress, while Jordan prepares to reveal his secret to Zoe.

S23E42 : Parent Trap (aired on 06/20/2009)

Jeff decides to fight for his kids, while Alice's wedding plans spiral out of her control.

S23E43 : Not Over til the Fat Lady Sings (aired on 06/27/2009)

Jordan's illness gets the better of him. Sean forces Jessica to make a difficult choice.

S23E44 : Ask Me No Questions (aired on 07/04/2009)

Ruth's web of lies threatens to unravel; can she stop the deceit before it is too late?

S23E45 : Ashes (aired on 07/11/2009)

Jordan is left reeling after some life-changing news, and faces a difficult decision.

S23E46 : Great Expectations (aired on 07/18/2009)

After learning the truth about Jordan, Adam's professional conscience is piqued.

S23E47 : No Fjords in Finland - Part 1 (aired on 07/25/2009)

Curtis and Alice's wedding is thrown into turmoil, and Jordan prepares to leave the ED.

S23E48 : No Fjords in Finland - Part 2 (aired on 08/01/2009)

Chaos strikes the ED after a coach crash, and the staff fight to save one of their own.