Season episodes list 24


S24E01 : Dawn of the ED (1) (aired on 09/12/2009)

It's Adam's first day as clinical lead. His first job is to show eight new F2s around the ED, which…

S24E02 : Dawn of the ED (2) (aired on 09/13/2009)

In the conclusion to the first episode, Adam and the gang get out of the shopping center however he…

S24E03 : And Then There Were Three (aired on 09/19/2009)

May, Yuki and Lenny start their first shift after Heather's death. Adam patches them off with Zoe…

S24E04 : Sunset Syndrome 9.2/10 (aired on 09/26/2009)

The episode recaps the three weeks before Jordan goes into a coma. These include meeting a…

S24E05 : Not Forgotten (aired on 10/03/2009)

Ruth attempts to keep her relationship with Jay secret while trying to impress her boss, Consultant…

S24E06 : Comfort Zone (aired on 10/10/2009)

Ruth discovers that she is indeed pregnant, while Sarah Evans invites her to a surgeons' dinner.…

S24E07 : Love Is a Sacrifice 8.5/10 (aired on 10/18/2009)

Ruth goes to the surgeons' dinner with Sarah Evans but leaves Jay behind - Jay turns up and is…

S24E08 : Not Wisely but Too Well (aired on 10/24/2009)

Ruth is brought into the ED after collapsing and then spends 3 hours in theatre with the…

S24E09 : Regrets (aired on 10/31/2009)

Zoe is forced to tell Adam and Henry about her missing memory stick and she is given until 4pm to…

S24E10 : Every Breath You Take 9/10 (aired on 11/07/2009)

To the delight of the hospital staff in the Emergency Department (ED), Jordan returns but, this…

S24E11 : Leave Me Standing (aired on 11/14/2009)

Injured pet shop proprietor Malcolm faces the loss of his home and business and the F2s are given…

S24E12 : Second Chance (aired on 11/21/2009)

Tensions are running high in the emergency department as the F2s nervously await an important…

S24E13 : The Devil You Know (aired on 11/28/2009)

The F2s are thrilled when the dean announces a Junior Academic Fellowship Award which will see one…

S24E14 : As Others See Us (aired on 12/05/2009)

Ruth is horrified when Jonathan turns up in the Emergency Department (ED) looking for her help –…

S24E15 : No More Heroes (aired on 12/12/2009)

Competition for the fellowship hots up and the pressure is intense for the F2s, as the medical…

S24E16 : All I Want for Christmas (aired on 12/19/2009)

Ruth faces a festive family crisis, Lenny considers the prospect of unwanted early Christmas leave…

S24E17 : Tidings of Comfort and Joy (aired on 12/27/2009)

It's Christmas party fever in the Emergency Department (ED) on Boxing Day as Noel heads to the…

S24E18 : A Day in the Life (aired on 01/02/2010)

Feature-length episode. The big day dawns for Adam and Jessica as they prepare for their wedding…

S24E19 : Dark Places (aired on 01/09/2010)

The staff try to carry on as normal after the car accident, as the medical drama continues.…

S24E20 : Leave Me Alone (aired on 01/16/2010)

Following the traumatic events of the New Year, Jessica takes a look back at her life, loves and…

S24E21 : Last Roll of the Dice (aired on 01/23/2010)

While Adam keeps waiting by Jessica's bedside, life goes on in the Emergency Department with exams…

S24E22 : The Cradle Will Fall (aired on 01/30/2010)

It's a day of high tension as the young doctors try desperately to impress, with mixed fortunes, in…

S24E23 : An Ugly Truth (aired on 02/06/2010)

Adam and Jessica struggle to keep their personal and professional lives on track after the tragic…

S24E24 : Love Is a Battlefield (1) (aired on 02/13/2010)

(Crossover with Holby City; part two is S12E19: Downstairs, Upstairs (2)) Charlie's chest pains…

S24E25 : Past Lives (aired on 02/20/2010)

There are two new faces in the Emergency Department this week, as the medical drama continues.…

S24E26 : Life Sentence (aired on 02/27/2010)

When disaster hits a pleasure cruiser on a lake, Adam is forced to face his demons...but will he…

S24E27 : Angel (aired on 03/06/2010)

Jordan finds himself driven to the middle of nowhere against his seems that someone has…

S24E28 : English Beauty (aired on 03/13/2010)

Adam seems outwardly to be getting over Harry's death, but as the cracks start to show, Alice…

S24E29 : Just Like a Woman (aired on 03/27/2010)

There's a wedding and a betrayal...and one of the gang makes a fatal mistake in resus...

S24E30 : Love of a Good Man (aired on 04/03/2010)

It's the day of a very important internal review at the ED, and Ruth finds herself in an impossible…

S24E31 : Loves Me, Loves Me Not (aired on 04/10/2010)

A motorbike accident makes Jordan realise that he cares more than he realised about one of his…

S24E32 : Clean Slate (aired on 04/17/2010)

Adam's insensitivity with an elderly patient backfires...whilst elsewhere, a DNA test comes back…

S24E33 : Alone on a Wide Open Sea (1) (aired on 04/24/2010)

As Adam's erratic behaviour spirals completely out of control, events take a nasty turn in an…

S24E34 : New Beginnings (2) (aired on 05/01/2010)

With the police closing in, and Adam fighting for old face returns to Holby...and…

S24E35 : A Better Past (aired on 05/08/2010)

With Holby ED sent into lock-down, the F2s and Charlie fight for their lives as something deadly is…

S24E36 : Russian Endings (aired on 05/15/2010)

New nurse Kirsty's assertive approach ruffles feathers in the ED.

S24E37 : Mum's the Word (aired on 05/22/2010)

Lenny is shattered to lose another patient to the mysterious virus.

S24E38 : In Your Debt (aired on 06/05/2010)

Zoe realises how important Jordan is to her, while Ruth meets a handsome stranger.

S24E39 : Inconvenient Truths (aired on 06/12/2010)

Lenny and Yuki discover the Crypto outbreak's source. Charlie's faith in Shona is tested.

S24E41 : Die and Let Live (aired on 06/26/2010)

Is it too late for Jay to follow his heart?

S24E42 : Going Solo (aired on 07/10/2010)

Lenny digs deeper into the Crypto cover-up, while Charlie gets tough with Shona.

S24E43 : I Am Mine (aired on 07/17/2010)

Zoe tries to come clean to Jordan, but only digs herself in deeper.

S24E44 : Making Other Plans (aired on 07/24/2010)

Adam deals with a traumatic day but finally forgives himself for Harry's death.

S24E45 : The Enemy Within (aired on 07/31/2010)

Lenny is offered the ultimate bribe, while Charlie is forced to make a tough choice.

S24E46 : Nice and Easy Does It (aired on 08/07/2010)

Charlie wants to keep his promise to help Megan die, but can he really go through with it?

S24E47 : What Tonight Means to Me - Part 1 (aired on 08/14/2010)

Charlie wants to keep his promise to help Megan die, but can he really go through with it?

S24E48 : What Tonight Means to Me - Part 2 (aired on 08/21/2010)

Lenny and Yuki's fight for the JAFA fellowship comes to a head.