Season episodes list 26


S26E01 : Partners (aired on 08/13/2011)

As Jeff and Dixie clean out their ambulance new team members Omar and Tamzin show up. Tamzin makes…

S26E02 : Starting Out (aired on 08/20/2011)

Scarlett and Lloyd start their first shift in the ED as a pair of new nurses. Teaching assistant,…

S26E03 : Common Vector (aired on 08/27/2011)

New mother Annie, skateboarder Richie, white-collar worker Chris and teenager Fiona are admitted…

S26E04 : Memory Games (aired on 09/03/2011)

Emma Samms (Dynasty's Fallon Carrington Colby) stars in the show's 25th anniversary episode, as a…

S26E05 : To Have and Have Not (aired on 09/17/2011)

Jesse falls from a rope ladder and keeps passing out. Ruth and Jay treat him but as his condition…

S26E06 : Fixed (aired on 09/24/2011)

Annie and Chloe return to the hospital as Chloe is being treated for a blood clot on the leg and…

S26E07 : Wild Horses (aired on 10/01/2011)

Chloe is in a critical condition after her beating from a dealer. Linda blames Jordan for closing…

S26E08 : Charlie's Angels (aired on 10/08/2011)

A teenage girl is admitted to the ED after losing consciousness on a bridge and falling onto…

S26E09 : Mea Culpa (aired on 10/15/2011)

Charlotte Salt (The Tudors) joins the cast as Sam Nicholls, an ambitious Army medic on secondment.…

S26E10 : Sanctuary (aired on 10/22/2011)

Annie and her pimp Damon are admitted to the ED with injuries sustained from fighting each other,…

S26E11 : Pound of Flesh (aired on 10/29/2011)

Jeff and Dixie suspect an elderly man of using their ambulance as a taxi service, but Lloyd…

S26E12 : Natural Slection (aired on 11/05/2011)

Dixie is forced to take a call during her break, only to become frustrated by what appears to be a…

S26E13 : No Goodbyes (aired on 11/19/2011)

Ruth enables a woman to come to terms with her husband's terminal illness.

S26E14 : The Ties that Bind (aired on 11/10/2011)

Dixie gets her mojo back by rescuing a man from a garage fire.

S26E15 : Next of Kin: Part 1 (aired on 12/03/2011)

Ruth finishes with Jay just as they are looking forward to having a baby.

S26E16 : Next of Kin: Part 2 (aired on 12/10/2011)

As fire ravages the ED, the team pulls together and surprising truths are revealed.

S26E17 : Duty of Care (aired on 01/07/2012)

Feature-length episode in which the refurbished ED opens for the first time since the fire. The new…

S26E18 : Death and Doughnuts (aired on 01/14/2012)

Paediatric doctor Tom Kent formally joins the team the day after the Silverton explosion, but finds…

S26E19 : Trust (aired on 01/21/2012)

Linda's sister Denise, on the run from social services, arrives at Holby ED with her teenage…

S26E20 : Hero Syndrome (aired on 01/28/2012)

Linda is faced with a problem when Denise fails to return for Britney and Joe, and Dylan meets his…

S26E21 : The Only One You Love (aired on 02/04/2012)

Hospital drama. A woman learns she cannot cope with the challenges of looking after her beloved…

S26E22 : Confidences (aired on 02/11/2012)

Sam throws herself into treating a patient she believes has been sexually assaulted as a way of…

S26E23 : Love Is (aired on 02/18/2012)

There's a new paramedic in Holby. Calling himself Rossy, he works alone and is responding to all…

S26E24 : Grand Canyon (aired on 02/25/2012)

Sam is told to keep her head down by Jordan after a formal complaint is made to the GMC.

S26E25 : Ricochet 'How to Save a Life' (aired on 03/03/2012)

A five year old boy is accidentally caught in the crossfire in a drugs shooting.

S26E26 : Ricochet: Damage Control (2) (aired on 03/10/2012)

The ED reaps the fallout from the shooting of Jacob Broker when Stevie's girlfriend Jade is brought…

S26E27 : Ricochet: What Goes Around Comes Around (3) (aired on 03/17/2012)

Tensions reach boiling point when Anton's Farmead Crew run riot in the ED. Can Jordan and Yvonne…

S26E28 : Lest Ye Be Judged (aired on 03/24/2012)

Sam throws herself into helping an old soldier and his son in an effort to distract herself from…

S26E29 : Saturday Night Fever (aired on 03/31/2012)

Jordan's date with Yvonne is put on hold when a former ED patient nearly dies in the cells, but who…

S26E30 : When the Gloves Come Off (aired on 04/07/2012)

Dylan and Sam are forced to confront the problems in their relationship.

S26E31 : Fools for Love (aired on 04/14/2012)

A woman takes extreme action after living next door to nightmare neighbours for years.

S26E32 : Desperate Remedies (aired on 04/21/2012)

Sam attempts to treat an injured young woman and her drug addict sister, but is the looming GMC…

S26E33 : Appropriate Force (aired on 04/28/2012)

Will Sam be cleared of wrongdoing by the GMC hearing? And what painful memories will be revealed…

S26E34 : Happily Ever After (aired on 05/05/2012)

The gang are shocked when a young boy dies in the ED and the police, believing his death to be…

S26E35 : Home Truths (aired on 05/12/2012)

Dylan and Sam try to put aside their differences in order to get to the bottom of a case.

S26E36 : Teenage Dreams (aired on 05/19/2012)

Tom is once again drawn into the world of Alicia and Jonas, Dixie befriends a teenage misfit and…

S26E37 : All in a Day's Nightmare (1) (aired on 06/02/2012)

Charlie helps a family deal with a 16-year-old debt which has come back to haunt them.

S26E38 : All in a Day's Nightmare (2) (aired on 06/08/2012)

Lenny and Linda search for her young niece after she gets into the car of a strange man.

S26E39 : Zero Sum Game (aired on 06/30/2012)

Sam's return to the Army is jeopardised when a fellow soldier asks her to lie for him and Lloyd is…

S26E40 : Do the Right Thing (aired on 07/14/2012)

The ED staff handle the fallout of a fatal breakdown of communication in the course of a police…

S26E41 : #HolbyRiot (1) (aired on 07/20/2012)

It is three days after the death of Wesley Royce. He was stunned by police in his home after a…

S26E42 : #HolbyRiot (2) (aired on 07/21/2012)

Jordan is forced to operate on his girlfriend as the continuing riots block his way to the ED.