Season episodes list 27


S27E01 : Kansas (aired on 08/18/2012)

Zoe's first day as the ED'S clinical lead gets off to a trying start when the team are faced with…

S27E02 : Cuckoo's Nest (aired on 08/25/2012)

Tamsin faces a ghost from her past when she and Jeff attend a call out at a lap dancing club. Sam…

S27E03 : Rock, Paper, Scissors (aired on 09/02/2012)

Sam and Tom are pushed to their limits when a female cage fighter insists on fighting against their…

S27E04 : An Amateur Sport (aired on 09/15/2012)

Dylan and Tess must treat an agitated pregnant woman, while Fletch tries to unravel the…

S27E05 : I'll See You in My Dreams (aired on 09/22/2012)

The team is put to the test when Holby is hit by severe weather, and the stress of work and dealing…

S27E06 : Evolve or Be Extinct (aired on 09/29/2012)

Medical drama. Fletch plays a practical joke on Lloyd after a staff night out, and Dylan attempts…

S27E07 : Tough Love (aired on 10/06/2012)

The team deal with an accident at a troubled small business, and a young businessman with heart…

S27E08 : The Kindness of Strangers (aired on 10/13/2012)

Zoe oversteps the line when she attempts to help a vulnerable young woman, and Mac gets into…

S27E09 : Harvest Festival (1) (aired on 10/20/2012)

Zoe struggles to deal with the fallout of a suspected E. coli outbreak, and Dylan is touched by an…

S27E10 : Seeing in the Dark (2) (aired on 10/27/2012)

Zoe and the ED reap the fallout from the E-coli outbreak and things go from bad to worse for farmer…

S27E11 : When Love Breaks Down (aired on 11/03/2012)

Dylan deals with a woman whose pregnancy is not all it seems, and teenager Angel is desperate to…

S27E12 : Out of the Blue (aired on 10/17/2012)

Tamzin's decision not to treat an aggressive patient has serious repercussions, and Tom and Sam…

S27E13 : Sixteen Candles (aired on 11/24/2012)

A family are shocked to find out an intruder isn't all he seems to be, and a woman finds out she's…

S27E14 : My Aim Is True (aired on 12/01/2012)

As Charlie and Big Mac prepare for the ED party, Dylan's suspicions reach boiling point.

S27E15 : The Blame Game (aired on 12/08/2012)

A secret puts a strain on Jeff and Tamzin's friendship and makes life difficult for Dixie.

S27E16 : I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus (aired on 12/15/2012)

Tensions once again rise between Tom and Dominic as they argue over the treatment of a baby with…

S27E17 : Rabbits in Headlights (aired on 01/05/2013)

Four student nurses receive a baptism of fire on their first shift in the ED.

S27E18 : Smoke and Mirrors (aired on 01/12/2013)

Zoe is concerned that Jordan is not facing up to the severity of Yvonne's condition.

S27E19 : No Other Medicine (aired on 01/19/2013)

Jordan fights to keep his girlfriend's life support machine switched on but when an ill young woman…

S27E20 : Broken Heart Syndrome (aired on 01/26/2013)

It is the day of Yvonne Rippon's funeral, and Nylon gets Jordan to visit him.

S27E21 : Life Goes On (aired on 02/02/2013)

Jordan is called on to save the life of the person who killed his girlfriend.

S27E22 : If Not for You (aired on 02/09/2013)

New doctor Ash hits the ground running when he treats a patient with suspected rabies, and Aoife is…

S27E23 : Ostrich Syndrome (aired on 02/17/2013)

David tracks down his estranged wife, Kate, to get her help in saving their 10-year-old son who is…

S27E24 : Though Lovers Be Lost (aired on 02/23/2013)

Jeff must persuade David to act in his son's best interests, Fletch is determined to help an…

S27E25 : Brave New World (aired on 03/02/2013)

Big Mac thinks he may have finally found the woman of his dreams but when she mistakes him for a…

S27E26 : Cross Roads (aired on 03/09/2012)

Ash and Zoe struggle to make a teenage boy accept the severity of his father's condition, while…

S27E27 : With and Without You (aired on 03/16/2013)

Jeff is caught up in a marital dispute, and Robyn breaches patient confidentiality.

S27E28 : And the Walls Come Tumbling Down (aired on 03/23/2013)

Robyn has to try and save her friend's life when a day at the fairground goes badly wrong.

S27E29 : Punch Drunk Love (aired on 03/30/2013)

Tom helps a young man with a troubled home life. Jamie treats a young boxer.

S27E30 : Hidden (1) (aired on 04/06/2013)

Zoe and Ash must work together to reunite two schoolgirls injured during a science exam.

S27E31 : Unsilenced (2) (aired on 04/13/2013)

Zoe goes out of her way to help and protect a young girl who she believes is at risk of female…

S27E32 : Family Matters (aired on 04/20/2013)

Jeff is distressed when his father and sister are involved in a car accident.

S27E33 : Human Resources (aired on 04/27/2013)

When hoodies break into an off-licence, it is more than just a random attack, and a family must…

S27E34 : The Morning After (aired on 05/04/2013)

Ash deals with his daughter's admission to the ED after being hit by a drunken police driver, while…

S27E35 : Isolated Incident (aired on 05/11/2013)

Linda's nursing experience enables her to see the bigger picture concerning a patient.

S27E36 : The Milk of Human Kindness (aired on 05/25/2013)

Tom is determined to show that a previous misdiagnosis isn't affecting his confidence.

S27E37 : Love Is the Drug (aired on 06/01/2013)

When Tess witnesses a stabbing she becomes involved with the attacker and victim.

S27E38 : You Always Hurt the One You Love (aired on 06/08/2013)

Lloyd tries to uncover the truth about a cannabis factory on his final day as a nurse.

S27E39 : Garage Flowers (aired on 06/15/2013)

Tom faces a dilemma of truth and confidentiality over the paternity of a baby.

S27E40 : What Goes Up (aired on 06/22/2013)

Ash and Zoe have to protect a local shopkeeper who has been harassed by unruly kids.

S27E41 : Letting Go (aired on 06/29/2013)

Tom and Sam clash over the best course of action when a mother can no longer cope.

S27E42 : A History of Violence (aired on 07/06/2013)

When Marcus is mugged, Sam and Fletch work together to reveal who the real victim is.

S27E43 : Secrets and Lies (1) (aired on 07/13/2013)

Tom is on a personal visit to a prison when unrest breaks out and trouble ensues.

S27E44 : Mistakes Happen (aired on 07/20/2013)

Arthur and Chantelle struggle to cope in the aftermath of the mugging.