Season episodes list 28


S28E01 : Bedside Manner (aired on 08/03/2013)

New trainee doctor Lily jumps straight in to investigate a disastrous robbery on the open road,…

S28E02 : Once There Was a Way Home (1) (aired on 08/10/2013)

Nurse Rita is late for her first shift as she contends with an injured neighbour whose hoarding has…

S28E03 : Once There Was a Way Home: Part Two (aired on 08/17/2013)

Jamie almost brings the whole ED to a standstill as he becomes embroiled in attempts to assist an…

S28E04 : What You Believe (aired on 08/24/2013)

Ash and Jeff are forced to dive into the sea to save a teenager who's been tombstoning, while…

S28E05 : Waiting for a Star to Fall (aired on 08/31/2013)

Lily is assigned to an emotional case involving a teenage cancer patient.

S28E06 : Scars (aired on 09/14/2013)

Treating two brothers tests Iain and Jeff's ability to get on.

S28E07 : Gloves Off (aired on 09/21/2013)

Rita and Ash look after a young girl who is keeping secrets from her boyfriend.

S28E08 : The Longest Day (aired on 09/28/2013)

Iain helps a teenager caught up in a fatal car crash to face up to the truth.

S28E09 : Love Hurts (aired on 10/05/2013)

Tess has to confront her own problems when a pregnant woman is involved in an RTC.

S28E10 : The Memory of Water (aired on 10/12/2013)

Ash and Tess work to discover why a mother and daughter are so at odds about how far the team…

S28E11 : Crush Syndrome 9.6/10 (aired on 10/19/2013)

Rita's day with the paramedics brings her close to a patient in a serious entrapment.

S28E12 : Three's A Crowd (aired on 10/26/2013)

Jeff helps a father and his sons after they get into trouble over a hidden bag of cash. Sam treats…

S28E13 : Badge of Honour (aired on 11/02/2013)

Iain is deeply affected by two police officers who stir up his memories of army life and Charlie…

S28E14 : Rock and a Hard Place (aired on 11/16/2013)

Lily suspects steroids are to blame for a violent dispute between some rugby players.

S28E15 : Between the Cracks (aired on 11/23/2013)

The pressure is on Fletch who's trying to balance responsibility with helping a vulnerable boy and…

S28E16 : There's No Place Like Home (aired on 11/30/2013)

The pressure is on Fletch who's trying to balance responsibility with helping a vulnerable boy and…

S28E17 : What a Wonderful Life (aired on 12/07/2013)

Fletch has to rescue a child from danger when two brothers are involved in an accident.

S28E18 : Away in a Manger (aired on 12/14/2013)

Sam and Tom's wedding plans are disrupted when a man is electrocuted by a Christmas tree.

S28E19 : For Auld Lang Syne (aired on 01/04/2014)

An explosion in a bar leads to a disastrous New Year's Eve for Fletch, and Robyn helps a silent…

S28E20 : Bad Timing (aired on 01/11/2014)

Lily and new doctor Ethan diagnose teacher Alice with a rare disease, while Zoe and Tess fight to…

S28E21 : Brothers At Arms (aired on 01/18/2014)

A new locum doctor called Cal shows up for work and his skills are soon tested after a girl with…

S28E22 : Keeping Schtum (aired on 01/25/2014)

Dixie and Rita see a woman running away from an alley in distress, and decide to approach one of…

S28E23 : Blood is Thicker than Water (aired on 02/01/2014)

Rita helps a rape victim gain the courage to press charges, while Zoe treats an eccentric ex-Tiller…

S28E24 : Once in a Lifetime (aired on 02/08/2014)

On his last day at the ED, Jamie helps Cal and Ethan uncover abuse between a stepfather and his…

S28E25 : Valentines Day Mascara (aired on 02/15/2014)

Iain defies orders and runs into a burning building to save a man searching for his new fiancee,…

S28E26 : The Great Pretender (aired on 02/22/2014)

Fletch's daughter runs away from home and lands herself in danger, while Robyn has to discover why…

S28E27 : The Last Chance Saloon (aired on 03/01/2014)

An intruder breaks into Robyn's home leading her to impale her foot as Ash decides to teach Lily a…

S28E28 : Survivor's Guilt (aired on 03/08/2014)

With his friend still distressed, Ian tries to help as a keen eye helps a younger brother.

S28E29 : Gravity (aired on 03/15/2014)

Big Mac and Iain are held hostage by an angry ex-soldier, while Charlie must learn the identity of…

S28E30 : The Lies We Tell (aired on 03/22/2014)

A pair of environmental activists are brought in for treatment after causing the explosion of a…

S28E31 : Valves to Vagrants (aired on 03/29/2014)

Former director of surgery Connie Beauchamp returns to the hospital and manages to make a good…

S28E32 : The Quiet Man (aired on 04/05/2014)

Connie, Zoe and Lily work together to try and help a father and his daughter, but it proves…

S28E33 : Only the Lonely (aired on 04/12/2014)

A prank by a group of girls leads to the discovery of a morbidly obese man suffering a severe…

S28E34 : When Nothing Else Matters (aired on 04/19/2014)

Fletch attempts to build bridges between a feuding father and son following a car crash in which…

S28E35 : Carrot Not Stick (aired on 04/26/2014)

Dixie informs an injured motorbike rider that his mother is in a hospice and that if he doesn't go…

S28E36 : Who Cares (aired on 05/03/2014)

An adult reading lesson does not go to plan after a woman becomes jealous of her tutor's girlfriend…

S28E37 : Games for Boys (aired on 05/17/2014)

Ash works out the truth about his daughter after a patient’s experience with drugs goes bad. Fletch…

S28E38 : The Family Way (aired on 05/24/2014)

Tess is in a awkward position when a pregnant teenager has issues with her father. Cal has to help…

S28E39 : To Yourself Be True (aired on 05/31/2014)

Connie tries to help a father come to terms with his son's sexuality, while Cal helps treat a…

S28E40 : The Dying Game (aired on 06/07/2014)

Rita finds herself in a quandary when a fire in a care home for the elderly leaves her with access…

S28E41 : Unhinged (aired on 06/14/2014)

A man with dementia is brought in after suffering a bump to the head, and after giving the staff…

S28E42 : Falling (1) (aired on 06/22/2014)

Zoe sticks up for the ED when the press turn up but a horrific helicopter accident is the last…

S28E43 : Falling (2) (aired on 06/29/2014)

Metal thieves attempt to steal copper from a railway line, only for one of them to be injured and…

S28E44 : In the Name of Love (aired on 07/06/2014)

A highly competitive man ignores Ethan's advice to take it easy after a car accident, putting…

S28E45 : First Impressions (aired on 07/12/2014)

A drugs counsellor enlists the help of a former addict to carry out a carjacking in his desperate…

S28E46 : The Love You Take (aired on 08/09/2014)

Rita is thrown when her husband Mark turns up at the ED after being badly beaten in prison. He…

S28E47 : The Sicilian Defence (aired on 08/16/2014)

Cal and Ethan jointly solve a medical mystery after a man suffering from numerous undiagnosed…

S28E48 : A Life Less Lived (aired on 08/23/2014)

Zoe is feeling the pressure of reaching her 40th birthday and finds unexpected support in the form…