Season episodes list 6


S06E01 : It Wasn't Enough 8.58/10 (aired on 09/28/2017)

The sixth season opens with most of the squad still trapped inside the burning warehouse fire.…

S06E02 : Ignite on Contact (aired on 10/05/2017)

After learning the school fire wasn't an accident, Chief Boden turns up the pressure on Severide…

S06E03 : An Even Bigger Surprise (aired on 10/12/2017)

Lt. Casey gets off on the wrong foot with Sam Mullins, a temporary Chief who is filling in for…

S06E04 : A Breaking Point (aired on 10/19/2017)

While running a secret errand, Dawson finds herself trapped in a collapsed parking structure. With…

S06E05 : Devil's Bargain (aired on 10/26/2017)

Casey and Severide find themselves at odds after Casey argues with him over the best way to save a…

S06E06 : Down Is Better 8.9/10 (aired on 11/02/2017)

After heroically saving a mother and newborn baby from a rooftop fire, Kidd receives surprising…

S06E07 : A Man's Legacy (aired on 01/04/2018)

Brett attempts to make a lifesaving decision in the field to someone near and dear to the firehouse…

S06E08 : The Whole Point of Being Roommates (aired on 01/11/2018)

After saving a young girl, Dawson is forced to make a tough decision when she finds out the girl's…

S06E09 : Foul Is Fair (aired on 01/18/2018)

After learning unsettling news, Dawson enlists Severide to help her out. Elsewhere, Casey and…

S06E10 : Slamigan (aired on 01/25/2018)

Dawson and Casey do everything they can to locate Bria's whereabouts after discovering important…

S06E11 : Law of the Jungle (aired on 02/01/2018)

After responding to a time-sensitive rescue, Casey and Severide don't see eye to eye on the best…

S06E12 : The F Is For (aired on 03/01/2018)

After photos of Casey and Severide jumping off the roof during a heroic rescue make the front page…

S06E13 : Hiding Not Seeking (2) (aired on 03/08/2018)

While working to track down a bombing suspect, Voight and Antonio meet with Chief Boden, who…

S06E14 : Looking for a Lifeline (aired on 03/22/2018)

After responding to a car accident, Casey and Dawson become skeptical when a domineering husband…

S06E15 : The Chance to Forgive (aired on 03/22/2018)

In response to a call involving a residential fire, Otis and Kidd's lives are suddenly put in…

S06E16 : The One That Matters Most (aired on 03/29/2018)

The crew struggles to come to terms with an injury to one of their own; a temporary replacement…

S06E17 : Put White on Me (aired on 04/05/2018)

Boden has a lapse in judgment in the aftermath of rescuing a young boy. Kidd struggles to win the…

S06E18 : When They See Us Coming (aired on 04/12/2018)

When the FBI takes over Firehouse 51 for an undercover mission, Casey and Severide volunteer to…

S06E19 : Where I Want to Be (aired on 04/19/2018)

After responding to a residential fire at a property belonging to a Mexican drug cartel, Casey is…

S06E20 : The Strongest Among Us (aired on 04/26/2018)

After saving a girl from a car accident, Chief Boden and Lt. Severide are taken aback when they…

S06E21 : The Unrivaled Standard (aired on 05/03/2018)

Lt. Severide is shocked when Rene Royce resurfaces; Casey comes up with a plan to help Chief Boden…

S06E22 : One for the Ages (aired on 05/10/2018)

Boden takes a big step in the pursuit of a major career decision; Kidd becomes increasingly…

S06E23 : The Grand Gesture (aired on 05/10/2018)

Boden's chances for a promotion are met with potential complications. Meanwhile Dawson and Casey…
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