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S02E01 : The Interrogation (aired on 01/18/2016)

When Mr. Reese's car is smeared with meatball sauce, he picks Clarence to help him find out who did…

S02E02 : Lost Playground (aired on 01/18/2016)

After the school playground equipment is taken away because it's deemed too dangerous, the kids try…

S02E03 : Bird Boy Man (aired on 01/19/2016)

Sumo finds a bird who he names Hot Sauce and nurses it back to health, but neglects everything else.

S02E04 : Freedom Cactus (aired on 01/20/2016)

Clarence makes a comic about a cactus which becomes the #1 hit of the school.

S02E05 : Plane Excited (aired on 01/21/2016)

Clarence finds fun on a plane and helps Chad get past his first ride.

S02E06 : Escape from Beyond the Cosmic (aired on 01/22/2016)

Jeff tries to beat an arcade game at the laundromat, but when Clarence breaks it, he must find an…

S02E07 : Ren Faire (aired on 01/28/2016)

Clarence, Sumo, and Jeff go to a Renaissance Fair.

S02E08 : Time Crimes (aired on 02/04/2016)

After receiving a special watch from a cereal box, Clarence believes he can control time.

S02E09 : Saturday School (aired on 02/11/2016)

Clarence, Jeff and Sumo have to clean up the school on a Saturday after creating an unapproved…

S02E10 : Attack the Block Party (aired on 02/18/2016)

A high school party is investigated by Clarence, Jeff and Sumo, who think it's an alien invasion.

S02E11 : Field Trippin' (aired on 02/25/2016)

Clarence gets on the wrong school bus after taking a bathroom break on a field trip.

S02E12 : Ice Cream Hunt (aired on 03/03/2016)

Larry helps Clarence take the trio out for ice cream, but they go for the ride of their lives.

S02E13 : Company Man (aired on 03/10/2016)

Clarence loses the ball during a soccer game, he ends up following it into an office building where…

S02E14 : Stump Brothers (aired on 03/17/2016)

When Clarence and Sumo cause a power outage at Sumo's, they are sent with Sumo's brother, Tanner,…

S02E15 : The Tails of Mardrynia (aired on 03/25/2016)

Clarence becomes inspired to round up local animals to make an animal world like the one he read…

S02E16 : Clarence Wendle and the Eye of Coogan (aired on 03/25/2016)

Clarence and a few other students hunt for a lost treasure.

S02E17 : Sneaky Peeky (aired on 03/29/2016)

After missing out on a chance to see the premiere of the new Robofrog movie, the trio devises a…

S02E18 : Game Show (aired on 04/21/2016)

Clarence and Breehn play a game show at the Aberdale Mall.

S02E19 : Skater Sumo (aired on 04/28/2016)

Sumo tries to build a skateboard and join Chelsea and Rita's skating team.

S02E20 : Mystery Girl (aired on 05/05/2016)

Clarence finds a friend accidentally while making prank calls.

S02E21 : The Substitute (aired on 05/12/2016)

A substitute teacher causes chaos, and Clarence must find Mrs. Baker to restore order.

S02E22 : Classroom (aired on 05/19/2016)

A day in the life in Ms. Baker's class is examined.

S02E23 : Dullance (aired on 05/26/2016)

Feeling burned out from having so many adventures, Clarence tries to spend a day sitting around,…

S02E24 : Jeff's Secret (aired on 06/02/2016)

Clarence learns that Jeff has an extra toe and Jeff begs Clarence to keep his secret, but Clarence…

S02E25 : Space Race (aired on 06/09/2016)

Ms. Baker assigns a really fun class project. With Clarence distracted by the mysterious power of…

S02E26 : Plant Daddies (aired on 06/16/2016)

The students of Aberdale Elementary must pair up in groups of 2 to raise small potted plants.

S02E27 : Bucky and the Howl (aired on 06/23/2016)

Sumo Joins a musical and Clarence promotes the show, but Sumo catches stage fright on opening night.

S02E28 : Worm Bin (aired on 11/01/2016)

When his mother gets him a worm bin, Jeff has to cope with the idea that he lives with the…

S02E29 : Clarence & Sumo's Rexcellent Adventure (aired on 11/02/2016)

Sumo must face the consequences when he and Clarence take a tooth from a dinosaur skeleton at the…

S02E30 : Birthday (aired on 11/03/2016)

Clarence throws a birthday party, and everyone in their class shows up - much to the dismay of Jeff…

S02E31 : Tree of Life (aired on 11/04/2016)

Clarence, Sumo, and Jeff climb a tree to carve their names on it.

S02E32 : Capture the Flag (aired on 11/14/2016)

In this half-hour special, Clarence and his friends play the biggest game of capture the flag yet…

S02E33 : Cloris (aired on 11/15/2016)

When Clarence goes with Jeff to visit Jeff's grandma, he befriends an aging woman named Cloris and…

S02E34 : Fishing Trip (aired on 11/16/2016)

Mel learns that Chad has never taken Clarence fishing and decides to remedy this with a bonding…

S02E35 : Belson's Backpack (aired on 11/17/2016)

After an accidental backpack swap, Clarence discovers that Belson is hiding an artistic side and…

S02E36 : Motel (aired on 11/18/2016)

Following an insect mishap, Clarence’s house needs to be fumigated forcing Mary, Chad, and Clarence…

S02E37 : Merry Moochmas (aired on 12/01/2016)

It's Christmas time in Aberdale and Clarence is convinced his winter wish for snow in Arizona will…

S02E38 : Pizza Hero (aired on 02/03/2017)

It’s the end of the school year, and as is tradition at Aberdale Elementary, Papa Marianio is…
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