Jenny is on the chase to stop a killer as he leaves a bloody trail of rampage across the city. The stakes are even higher when she realizes her son has been in contact with him.

Aired on 01/28/2019

Serinda Swan Serinda SwanDr. Jenny Cooper
Roger Cross Roger CrossDonovan McAvoy
Éric Bruneau Éric BruneauLiam Bouchard
Ehren Kassam Ehren KassamRoss Kalighi
Tamara Podemski Tamara PodemskiAlison Trent
Alli Chung Alli ChungTaylor Kim
Lovell Adams-Gray Lovell Adams-GrayDr. Dwayne Allen
Jeananne Goossen Jeananne Goossen
Nigel Bennett Nigel Bennett
Michael Healey Michael HealeyDr. Ian Peterson
Saad Siddiqui Saad SiddiquiDr. Neil Sharma
Morwyn BrebnerExecutive Producer
Adrienne MitchellExecutive Producer
Jonas PrupasExecutive Producer
Brett BurlockExecutive Producer
Lisa ParasynCasting
Jon ComerfordCasting
Tom ThirdMusic
Steven WrightCostume Design
Elisa SauveProduction Design
Samy InayehDirector of Photography
Teresa De LucaEditor
Suzanne ColvinProducer
Waneta StormsConsulting Producer
Noelle CarboneCo-Executive Producer
Sean ReycraftCo-Executive Producer
Peter EmersonExecutive Producer
Matthew HallBook
Teresa De LucaCo-Producer
Marilyn KiewietArt Direction
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    1 Season • 8 Episodes

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    Returning series