The Ship of the Imagination, unfettered by ordinary limits on speed and size, drawn by the music of cosmic harmonies, can take us anywhere in space and time. It has been idling for more than three decades, and yet it has never been overtaken. Its global legacy remains vibrant. Now, it's time once again to set sail for the stars.

Aired on 03/09/2014
44 :
9.19/10 • 2263 voting

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey • S01E01
Neil deGrasse Tyson Neil deGrasse TysonHost
Phil LaMarr Phil LaMarr(voice)
Seth MacFarlane Seth MacFarlaneGiordano Bruno (voice)
John Steven RochaBellaramine (voice)
Paul Telfer Paul TelferAngry Scholar #2 (voice)
Isa MagomedovFather
Carl Sagan Carl SaganHimself (archive footage)
Ann DruyanWriter
Carl SaganWriter
Steven SoterWriter
Kevin DartDirector
Ann DruyanDirector
Bill PopeDirector
Brannon BragaDirector
Bill PopeCinematography
Alan SilvestriMusic
Steven SoterWriter
Ann DruyanWriter
Bill PopeDirector
Carl SaganWriter
Ann DruyanDirector
Brannon BragaDirector
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    Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

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    TV series

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    1 Season • 13 Episodes

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    9.3/10 (77 798 voting)

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