The BAU team continues to unravel the clues given to each of them by a psychopath in order to save his most recent victim. Gideon decides not to focus on the personal aspects of the case. Rather, he tells the team to profile the killer as they would in any other investigation. Reid stays behind to work on a personal connection that could solve the case as one member of the team fights for life.

Aired on 09/20/2006
42 :
8.39/10 • 1829 voting

Criminal Minds • S02E01
Joe Mantegna Joe MantegnaDavid Rossi
Matthew Gray Gubler Matthew Gray GublerDr. Spencer Reid
Paget Brewster Paget BrewsterEmily Prentiss
Kirsten Vangsness Kirsten VangsnessPenelope Garcia
Adam Rodríguez Adam RodríguezLuke Alvez
Daniel Henney Daniel HenneyMatt Simmons
Aisha Tyler Aisha TylerDr. Tara Lewis
A.J. Cook A.J. CookJennifer Jareau
Anne Marie Howard Anne Marie HowardCelia Bryant
Josh Clark Josh ClarkDetective Casey
Jane Lynch Jane LynchDiana Reid
Brian Appel Brian AppelAgent Anderson