Season 4

The fourth season of CSI: Miami premiered on CBS on September 19, 2005 and ended May 22, 2006.

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S04E01 : From the Grave 7.21/10 (aired on 09/20/2005)

The team must find the connection between the two crime scenes; the killing of a drug dealer and…

S04E02 : Blood In The Water 7.21/10 (aired on 09/26/2005)

The team investigates the death of a foreign exchange student, the search for two missing…

S04E03 : Prey 6.7/10 (aired on 10/03/2005)

The search of a missing 17-year-old girl, whose trip to Miami turns into an ongoing nightmare.

S04E04 : 48 Hours to Life 6.93/10 (aired on 10/10/2005)

Horatio and the team are trying to figure out how to free an innocent young man after a harsh…

S04E05 : Three-Way 7.29/10 (aired on 10/17/2005)

Three suburban housewives on a girls' weekend in Miami are the prime suspects when the hotel's…

S04E06 : Under Suspicion 7.6/10 (aired on 10/24/2005)

The CSIs must race against time when all evidence in a murder case points to Horatio. When a…

S04E07 : Felony Flight (1) 6.74/10 (aired on 11/07/2005)

(Crossover episode with CSI: New York, Season 2 Episode 7.) A crossover episode that concludes on…

S04E08 : Nailed 7.7/10 (aired on 11/14/2005)

The CSI's are called out to investigate the murder of a young woman who was about to sign her…

S04E09 : Urban Hellraisers 6.93/10 (aired on 11/21/2005)

Eric Delko is at the bank, following an ATM taking his debit card, when three robbers wearing ski…

S04E10 : Shattered 7.29/10 (aired on 11/28/2005)

A drug lord is gunned in his Coconut Grove mansion and a suspect arrested at the scene claims he…

S04E11 : Payback 7.1/10 (aired on 12/19/2005)

Horatio hunts for the man responsible for a brutal rape on a woman years back, after new DNA…

S04E12 : The Score 6.91/10 (aired on 01/09/2006)

The CSIs investigate the brutal murder of a man who was learning how to pick up women at a hot…

S04E13 : Silencer 7.09/10 (aired on 01/23/2006)

The Mala Noche strike again and it's up to the CSIs to bring them down once and for all. Also,…

S04E14 : Fade Out 7.1/10 (aired on 01/30/2006)

When evidence shows that a series of murders is linked to organized crime, Horatio and the team are…

S04E15 : Skeletons 7.39/10 (aired on 02/06/2006)

When Horatio's nemesis, Walter Resden targets someone close to him, Horatio tries to stop him. Also…

S04E16 : Deviant 7/10 (aired on 02/27/2006)

Alexx’s DNA is found throughout her neighborhood where she is suspected to be responsible for the…

S04E17 : Collision 7.19/10 (aired on 03/06/2006)

What appears to have been a horrible car accident claims the life of a woman. The evidence turns…

S04E18 : Double Jeopardy 7.2/10 (aired on 03/13/2006)

After a man is found not guilty of his wife's murder the CSI team finds evidence to the contrary.

S04E19 : Driven 7.02/10 (aired on 03/20/2006)

After a group of wealthy women are robbed at a luxury day spa, evidence leads the CSIs to believe…

S04E20 : Free Fall 7.2/10 (aired on 04/10/2006)

The CSI team must try to find out who is trying to kill a young couple who are released from…

S04E21 : Dead Air 6.89/10 (aired on 04/24/2006)

The CSI team must locate a woman who has been kidnapped and dialed a wrong number on her cell…

S04E22 : Open Water 6.72/10 (aired on 05/01/2006)

A cruise ship that is docked in Miami is the scene for a double murder. The team investigates the…

S04E23 : Shock 7.21/10 (aired on 05/08/2006)

The team is sent to investigate the death of a local celebrity, who is found murdered in her…

S04E24 : Rampage 7.69/10 (aired on 05/15/2006)

The Mala Noche gang trial is obstructed when the defendant goes free with the help of the witness…

S04E25 : One of Our Own 7.62/10 (aired on 05/22/2006)

In this thrilling season finale, the loss of one of their own is the first hit the lab will take.…
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