Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows was a daytime soap opera on ABC-TV which aired weekdays during the afternoon. With vampires, witches, warlocks, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures, it became a surprising phenomenon, lasting for five years before it was cancelled. The show revolves around Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid), a guilt-ridden 175-year-old vampire who longs to be human again and returns to his estate after being chained inside a coffin for nearly 200 years.

TV series created in 1970 and concluded in 1971 by Dan Curtis.
The show consists of 13 seasons and 1225 episodes.


S01E111 : DS-113 8.57/10 (18 voting)


S01E105 : DS-105 8.43/10 (20 voting)


S01E118 : DS-120 8.2/10 (17 voting)




Jonathan Frid Jonathan Frid
Barnabas Collins
Grayson Hall Grayson Hall
Julia Hoffman
Joan Bennett Joan Bennett
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard
David Selby David Selby
Quentin Collins
Kathryn Leigh Scott Kathryn Leigh Scott
Maggie Evans
Lara Parker Lara Parker
Angelique Bouchard Collins
Alexandra Isles
Victoria Winters
Nancy Barrett
Carolyn Stoddard
Louis Edmonds Louis Edmonds
Roger Collins
David Henesy
David Collins
Thayer David Thayer David
John Karlen John Karlen
Willie Loomis
Joel Crothers
Roger Davis Roger Davis
Jerry Lacy Jerry Lacy
Jonathan Frid Jonathan Frid
Bramwell Collins
Dennis Patrick Dennis Patrick
Paul Stoddard

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