Season 3

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S03E01 : The Seventh Spirit (aired on 01/11/2019)

Shido meets a pretty trickster that loves to get compliments. He also runs amok at the school doing…

S03E02 : Can You Find Me? (aired on 01/18/2019)

While the witch impersonates one of his friends, Shido is forced into a game where he must identify…

S03E03 : You're Natsumi (aired on 01/25/2019)

Shido is losing his head and losing friends faster with each passing day of Natsumi's game. But…

S03E04 : Transformation (aired on 02/01/2019)

Natsumi uses her powers to turn the girls into children. But their plan to convince Natsumi that…

S03E05 : Despair Comes Crashing Down (aired on 02/08/2019)

The Humpty Dumpty satellite has a great fall towards Tengu City. Will Natsumi realize her own…

S03E06 : Crossroads (aired on 02/15/2019)

Origami makes an unexpected decision that shakes things up. While Shido runs off to investigate, a…

S03E07 : The Power Given (aired on 02/22/2019)

As Fraxinus defends against a fierce opponent, Origami stops at nothing to fulfill her wish and…

S03E08 : Demon King of Descending Darkness (aired on 03/01/2019)

Origami is on a mission to avenge her parents, but when she finally discovers the truth, it turns…

S03E09 : Tengu City, Five Years Ago (aired on 03/08/2019)

On a mission to avert disaster, Shido attempts to rewrite history. Can he stop Origami's crazed…

S03E10 : Another World, Another Girl (aired on 03/15/2019)

Shido wakes up and finds that the world around him is different. His attempt to thwart disaster may…

S03E11 : Angel of the Starry Night (aired on 03/22/2019)

Shido takes Origami on a date but she's not acting like herself. After all hell breaks loose, the…

S03E12 : Make Shido Itsuka Swoon (aired on 03/29/2019)

All the sealed Spirit power is making Shido go wild, but the only cure is to kiss him again. Can…
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