Nicole asks Rafe what Sami did for him to be so down on himself. Daniel tells Jennifer she is getting mixed up in a very serious situation if she goes through with this. Sami and E.J. are interrupted by a Chad who is irate that Melanie is gone. Maggie does what Melanie asks and returns the engagement ring in an envelope to his apartment.Nicole asks Rafe that E.J. is gonna demand another paternity test after the baby is born. Jennifer tells Daniel she made the right choice in choosing Jack over him. Gabi begins to notice Caroline is getting all confused. Nick tells Maggie that Chad is gonna put Melanie leaving town on him. Jennifer and Nicole cause a public spectacle which is seen by Caroline. Chad goes ballistic after he finds that the ring was returned and goes and tells Gabi that he is gonna hurt her the way she hurt him.

Aired on 10/02/2012

Lauren KoslowKate Roberts
Alison Sweeney Alison SweeneySami Brady
Valerie Wildman Valerie WildmanFay Walker
Bryan DattiloLucas Roberts
Deidre Hall Deidre HallDr. Marlena Evans
Matthew Ashford Matthew AshfordJack Devereaux