Hope goes to John and Marlena after learning that Kristen returned to Salem saying if she has caused them any trouble lately. Daniel enlists Rafe to help him locate Nicole right away. Kristen gives E.J. a present which consists of Nicole's itinerary and what he plans to do to keep her from leaving. Jennifer asks Nicole to tell her what happened that night on the stairs and she will be free to leave town with Daniel. Maggie thanks Brady for getting her out of the house to get her mind off of her son leaving town. Hope asks John to lock up the cabin for the winter, Marlena offers to tag along. Roman gives Kristen a warning that he is going to be watching her every move from now on. Nicole drops her phone unaware that Daniel is calling and can her the fight with Jennifer. Kristen surprises John at the Horton cabin. Daniel arrives telling Nicole that he knows the truth.

Aired on 11/07/2012

Lauren KoslowKate Roberts
Alison Sweeney Alison SweeneySami Brady
Valerie Wildman Valerie WildmanFay Walker
Bryan DattiloLucas Roberts
Deidre Hall Deidre HallDr. Marlena Evans
Matthew Ashford Matthew AshfordJack Devereaux