While on a secret mission to Afghanistan, President Kirkman meets with two infamous warlords and must determine whom he can trust to hand over territories to the United States, while Seth has a run-in with Washington D.C. police that puts his job, reputation and future in the White House on the line.

Aired on 11/29/2017
43 :
7/10 • 213 voting

Designated Survivor • S02E08
Kiefer Sutherland Kiefer SutherlandTom Kirkman
Natascha McElhone Natascha McElhoneJessica Kirkman
Maggie Q Maggie QHannah Wells
Kal Penn Kal PennSeth Wheeler
Adan Canto Adan CantoAaron Shore
Italia Ricci Italia RicciEmily Rhodes
LaMonica Garrett LaMonica GarrettJames Ritter
Zoe McLellan Zoe McLellanKendra Daynes
Ben Lawson Ben LawsonDamian Rennett
Paulo Costanzo Paulo CostanzoLyor Boone
Bo Martyn Bo MartynTiffany Gimble
Abhi Sinha Abhi SinhaMike Wright
Jake Michaels Jake MichaelsBrigadier General Hollister
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    Designated Survivor

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    TV series

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    2 Seasons • 44 Episodes

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    7.8/10 (41 373 voting)

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    42 :

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