Season episodes list 22


S22E01 : The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (Begin Broadcasting) 8.1/10 (aired on 01/05/2013)

Takagi has gone somewhere and Sato cannot figure out where it is. While at the police station, the…

S22E02 : The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (Desperate Situation) 7.8/10 (aired on 01/12/2013)

Takagi was mistaken for the wrong man, but it's too late when the captor swallows poisoned wine and…

S22E03 : The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (Enter the Scene) 7.7/10 (aired on 01/19/2013)

The police see a bomb located under Takagi. They are able to determine he is somewhere in Hokkaido…

S22E04 : Froth, Steam, and Smoke (Part 1) 8.6/10 (aired on 01/26/2013)

All the people witnessed the publishing company president named Daisaku Katsumoto fell to his…

S22E05 : Froth, Steam, and Smoke (Part 2) 8.2/10 (aired on 02/02/2013)

Conan is able to find the trick used by the culprit! As Shinichi, Conan makes a deduction via to…

S22E06 : Car Carrying a Time Bomb 8.1/10 (aired on 02/09/2013)

The delivery truck left the house and there was an explosion inside the house, Detective boys help…

S22E07 : The Unsolvable Frozen Trap 8.4/10 (aired on 02/16/2013)

At the Ice Festival, Conan, Haibara, Agasa, and the Detective Boys are having a great time together.

S22E08 : Detective Takagi Found 30 Million Yen 8.4/10 (aired on 02/23/2013)

6 o'clock morning officer Takagi find 30 Million in bag in middle of street

S22E09 : A Message From a Client 8.4/10 (aired on 03/02/2013)

Mori receive message from someone claim he knows real killer which has killed one of Mori's clients

S22E10 : Yusaku Kudo's Cold Case‎ (Part 1) 8.4/10 (aired on 03/09/2013)

Ran, Sonoko and Sera come across a corpse beside which is written the word "Die" by victim's…

S22E11 : Yusaku Kudo's Cold Case‎ (Part 2) 8/10 (aired on 03/16/2013)

The secret behind the murder finally revealed by Conan, but will everything be fine with Subaru…

S22E12 : The Night Cherry Blossom Route on Sumida River (Part 1) 8.1/10 (aired on 03/23/2013)

Kogoro assists the police delivering ransom money to the Nihonbashi Post Office. When arriving at…

S22E13 : The Night Cherry Blossom Route on Sumida River (Part 2) 7.9/10 (aired on 03/30/2013)

Despite being sick, Kogoro begins investigating the coworker of the victim. Conan investigates as…

S22E14 : The Missing Japanese Sweet in the Old Shop 8.5/10 (aired on 04/20/2013)

Conan, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi and Genta has been elected to experience the voyage of Maritime…

S22E15 : The Roses in the Vineyard (aired on 04/27/2013)

A crime happened in Beer company due that many questions raise how it happened ! what are suspect…

S22E16 : The Stormy Flowerbed Conspiracy (aired on 05/04/2013)

In Town Center, the kids plant flowers, but surprisingly flowerbed got crashed, the kids asks for…

S22E17 : The Window of the Girls Academy (aired on 05/11/2013)

Kogoro and Conan investigate in female student suicide, after insist of Sonoko's friend, and yet…

S22E18 : No Way! The UFO Crash Case (aired on 05/18/2013)

Conan and Detective Boys encounter UFO crashed beside riverside, what could be this lead them to.. ?

S22E19 : The Shadow Approaching Haibara's Secret (Part 1) (aired on 06/08/2013)

Conan and Mistsuhiko,Ayomi,Genta, Ai, with Dr.Agasa they going to camping. Conan and Dr.Agase they…

S22E20 : The Shadow Approaching Haibara's Secret (Part 2) (aired on 06/15/2013)

As the boys kept the house, Conan and Sera marching toward solving the case, and pure black…

S22E21 : The Raven Mystery Train (Departure) (aired on 07/13/2013)

Conan and the boys ride train and the Destination is Bell Tree mystery,Conan will be involve on a…

S22E22 : The Raven Mystery Train (Tunnel) (aired on 07/20/2013)

Conan and Sera involve in investigation and in destination Nagoya station Jirokichi Suzuki and…

S22E23 : The Raven Mystery Train (Intersection) (aired on 07/27/2013)

Conan finally resolve the case along with Mori's student Tooru Amuro, as both of them busy…

S22E24 : The Raven Mystery Train (Destination) (aired on 08/03/2013)

All the lines of truth will be crossed in Mystery train, Bourbon identity finally revealed, Conan…

S22E25 : Conan Inside the Locked Room (aired on 08/10/2013)

Conan and Ran & Kogoro going to Sonoko's Villa, they met college students who they are celebrating…

S22E26 : Bourbon Figures It Out (aired on 08/17/2013)

Conan Wake up in closed room to find corpse, working along Mori Kogoro to solve to case, but seems…

S22E27 : The Framed Great Detective (aired on 08/31/2013)

Former bank robber Reiji Himuro was arrested by Mouri Kogoro. He threatens Kogoro on a call saying…

S22E28 : The Man Who Fell Slowly (aired on 09/07/2013)

While on a trip with Professor Agasa, the Detective Boys witness a man shoving another man off the…

S22E29 : An Unconfirmed Shocking Case (aired on 09/14/2013)

An incident of falling iron pipes happened in Construction site, to be find underneath the iron…

S22E30 : Everyone Was Watching (Part 1) (aired on 09/21/2013)

Conan and Heiji re-investigate in locked-room murder, where they able to solve the case, after…

S22E31 : Everyone Was Watching (Part 2) (aired on 09/28/2013)

Heiji and Conan discover the culprit, all they need is to find evidence, somewhere else is Vampire…

S22E32 : Heiji Hattori and the Vampire Mansion (1) (aired on 10/05/2013)

The Family meets in their Mansion but things doesn't seem so friendly since they fighting over the…

S22E33 : Heiji Hattori and the Vampire Mansion (2) (aired on 10/12/2013)

The next victim in the mansion is Asanobu Torakura. Too many suspects remain!

S22E34 : Heiji Hattori and the Vampire Mansion (3) (aired on 10/19/2013)

Kamiyo Torakura was found strangled outside the mansion in the forest. Can Conan and Heiji find…

S22E35 : Heiji Hattori and the Vampire Mansion (4) (aired on 10/26/2013)

In a case of inheritance and revenge, Conan and Heiji start their deduction show and catch the…

S22E36 : Dancing Demon in a Noh Mask House (Part 1) (aired on 11/02/2013)

Three man gather by a dim candle wearing Noh masks to discuss a murder and the profits/inheritance…

S22E37 : Dancing Demon in a Noh Mask House (Part 2) (aired on 11/09/2013)

Two of the three have been murdered! Who wrote the threatening letter? Kogoro and Conan solve the…

S22E38 : The Devil's Circuit (aired on 11/16/2013)

Kogoro, Ran and Conan are invited to a famous writer's house, who wants to speak with Kogoro. …

S22E39 : The Platinum Ticket Commotion (aired on 11/23/2013)

Conan, Ran, Sonoko, the workers from Marin Coffee, and Haruka Kona look for the missing Masako at…

S22E40 : Mystery Tour of Fire and Water (Aso Part) (aired on 11/30/2013)

In a dark room, a thief is frantically looking through an office for something. When he finds it,…

S22E41 : Mystery Tour of Fire and Water (Kumamoto Part) (aired on 12/07/2013)

The criminal is being chased by the Detective Boys, Ran, and Kogoro. As they are closing in, they…

S22E42 : Sweet and Cold Delivery Service (Part 1) (aired on 12/14/2013)

The Detective Boys are playing soccer when they meet a cat who regularly comes to Café Poirot for…

S22E43 : Sweet and Cold Delivery Service (Part 2) (aired on 12/21/2013)

The Detective Boys continue hiding in the truck, but the it's too cold for them. After one…